Quest for Tranquility

Gary Potter

May 16 to 28, 2024

Gallery Hours: Tuesday to Saturday, 11am to 5pm.

Meet the Artist Times:

May 16, 17 & 18, 11-5pm

May 25, 11-5pm

“ Quest for Tranquility” is an eclectic mixed media collection of works that seeks to bring about, at the very least, a brief moment of peace in our often frantic daily lives. The collection seeks to provide an escape from the mundane and stressful. The works search for that combination of color , texture and subject that will cause one’s mind to find a few brief, or hopefully many, moments of reprieve from a modern world that constantly challenges a person’s quest for a few sparks of inner peace. The collection seeks to let one’s mind meander to a more blissful place of sensation.

Gary Potter is a lifelong Winnipeg artist who searches for creative ways to express his ideas on canvas, glass, wood and other media. There is no substance that is safe from this creative mind. He uses a wide variety of mediums to get the desired effect. What is true of every piece is that creativity, ingenuity, imagination and emotion are clearly present in all his work.