Jola Liebzeit

Jola Liebzeit, a Winnipeg Artist, began a painting focus in acrylic and mixed media after completing a BFA degree in 2001 and BA Advanced Psychology degree in 1997, both from the University of Manitoba. She continues to grow her skills as a dedicated studio artist and now has her main studio out of Cre8ery.

Jola has a light-hearted tone to her work where she explores applying various textures and color-blending techniques to achieve the effects of atmosphere and emotion.

Over the past 5 years she has enjoyed connecting with other artists and art lovers through the local art community and selling her work in various group exhibitions while teaching and coaching budding Winnipeg artists.

Visit her in person at her ‘little gem around the corner’ studio at the back hall at cre8ery. Jola Liebzeit’s paintings explore shape and atmosphere while keeping an upbeat colour palette.  Jola has a light-hearted tone to her work and enjoys exploring the emotional effects of colour.

Contact Jola for Commission requests or to purchase works.