Colours & Movement

Tameem Safi,

Gallery Hours: May 2 – 14, 2024, Tuesday to Saturday, 11am to 5pm, First Friday, 11am to 9pm.

Meet the Artist times: TBA

cre8ery is located on the 2nd floor of 125 Adelaide Street in Winnipeg’s exchange district.

A mix of abstract photography and pallet knife painting

Artist: Tameem Safi


At the age of eight, inspired by and in love with the hills and mountains surrounding Kabul, Tameem picked up a brush to paint and bring them to his little bedroom. Later, Tameem honed his skills as a nature photographer to professional level. His love for nature, its photography, pulled him further down an artistic path to a passion for putting what he saw into bold and strong colors band movement with abstracts.

Tameem’s harsh life with a unique life experience gives him an equal unique prospect on life and he

pulls on from his life and experience as different skills and disciplines to enhance his abstracts with a uniqueness, yet grounded in realism.

Consequently, with this exhibit, Tameem has used a lifetime of skills from varied disciplines and a worldly perspective to elevate his artistry.

“Why shouldn’t we create a work of art with loose hands that allows the paint to glide freely across the canvas, creating an abstract naturally as it swims and dances across and below”, says Tameem. “The mood of art is like a wind. It comes and goes. An artist must be prepared to catch it before it escapes. 

Artist Statement:

 “Colors and Movement”

As an artist, my creative journey has always been guided by the captivating interplay of colors and the dynamic essence of movement. 

In  “Colors and Movement,” I will showcase my exploration of these two vital elements through the medium of acrylic and oil.

In this collection, I employ the bold and expressive strokes of palette knives, harnessing their unique texture and versatility. With each deliberate mark, I aim to capture the vivacity and vitality found in the world around us, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the energy and life of my creations.

Nature, with its infinite spectrum of hues, serves as an endless source of inspiration for me. Through observation and contemplation, I have honed my skills to distill the vibrant colors of nature into my artwork. From the rich crimson of a setting sun to the soothing blues of a tranquil lake, I strive to encapsulate the beauty and diversity that surround us.

Photography plays an integral role in my artistic process, allowing me to document and study the colors found in the natural world. These photographs serve as references, guiding me as I translate the visual impressions into my painted compositions. By combining the immediacy of photography with the tactile and expressive nature of paint, I seek to bridge the gap between representation and interpretation, inviting viewers to experience the harmonious blend of realism and abstraction.

In “Colors and Movement,” I aim to transport the audience along a visual journey, awakening their senses and evoking emotions through the rhythmic dance of colors and the dynamic flow of brushwork. I aspire to create an immersive environment where viewers can lose themselves in the captivating interplay of hues, as if stepping into a realm where the boundaries between reality and imagination blur.

Together, let us celebrate the beauty of nature and the transformative power of art, as we embrace the boundless possibilities that lie within each brushstroke and capture the essence of life itself.