Ecological Succession or Cessation

by Corrine Flaws

The earth has undergone many changes over many years but never as much as in the past 100 with the impacts of human exploration. What will happen in the next century?

May 30 to June 11, 2024

Tuesday to Saturday, 11am to 5pm.

First Friday, June 7, 11am to 9pm.

Meet the artist times TBA

Corinne Flaws, moved from Winnipeg to the Isle of the Arts (Gabriola Island) in 2020 Corinne retired from her career in
information Systems Program / Project Management in 2017 to direct her full attention to her photography and art.
Corinne has always had a passion for nature and capturing its beauty. It inspires her to share what she sees, though her photographs and her art.

She enjoys capturing images with her camera to use as inspiration for her paintings. This beauty is at risk. Human activity in the name of progress is depleting the earth’s resources and heating up the planet. Housing development is taking away habitat from animals, causing them to interact more with humans often resulting in their demise. The ice fields are melting causing rise in sea levels which is causing flooding. Temperatures are rising causing more and more fires. The artworks in this show is imagining what a future might be like if this continues at the pace it is currently occurring.