John Royce Izzard

John Royce Izzard believes reality is what we make it with a little inspiration from powers that govern our universe. Whether inspiration comes from the laws of nature or spiritual practices. John looks to inspire through his explorations and playfulness in his work.

John, born in Winnipeg, works out of his studio space at Cre8ery as a practicing studio artist since 2014. He has attended various art workshops and enjoys leading his own classes in painting, drawing, and the art of ‘Zombifying’ during the Halloween season. He has been drawing for over 14 years and exploring various multi-media techniques and acrylic painting beginning in 2011. He continues to study nature in addition to working with various mediums. His work has a whimsical and fun quality with a focus on light, texture and color blending. He enjoys experimenting and trying new techniques in his studio and welcomes connecting with people who visit. Most recently John has begun to create in leather. He has created wallets, cuffs, bracelets, bags, purses, and plant holders.

Contact him directly via email at