Heather Gillespie

Heather Gillespie was born in Brandon, Manitoba.  She moved to Winnipeg as a child and has spent most of her life there.  During her youth, Heather first studied fine art at Symposium School of Art in in Winnipeg,  and later attended The School of Art at the University of  Manitoba.  She set painting aside while raising a family and working many years in healthcare.

Recently retired, Heather has reconnected with her paint brush and is now devoted to refining her acrylic painting skills.  She is a member of the Assiniboia Group of Artists and has recently become a studio artist at Cre8ery Gallery and Studio.

 Heather is a gifted visual artist who delights in sharing her impressions of the magical beauty of our Manitoba lakes and forests.  She embraces emotion, mixes it with colour and light which dances from her brush onto canvas.  Her excellent sense of colour and bold brushstrokes capture the vibrant life of nature in a most compelling way.  These expressive compositions both invite and transport us toward dreams amongst the trees.


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