Fine Craft & Sculptures

Ann Tyre, Hat, blue, $30 (taxes included)

Last update January 28, 340pm. Gallery hours: Tuesday to Saturday, 11am to 5pm. Call 204-944-0809 or  Please review our 2D auxiliary gallery page for samples of what we have for paintings, drawings, photography etc. Curbside pick-up available before or after hours.  Available for viewings by appointment after hours. Please make appointments at least one day in advance.

Jewellery by Debra Glenn, To February 25: Ron Chase, Ann Tyre & Lainie Rosner

Please note we have a lot more work in the gallery than what is available online on our website!

Ann Tyre, Scarf, kid silk, 80″ x 14″, $50 (includes taxes)
Ann Tyre, Scarf kid silk, 80″ x 14″, $50 (taxes included)
Ann Tyre, Toque green merino and kid silk, $25 (taxes included)
Ann Tyre, Cowl, Tuquiose hand spun/dyed with beads, $30, (taxes included)

Lainie Rosner, Cup with red heart, 3″ x 3″, $30 (includes taxes)
Lainie Rosner, Set of green coasters , 4″(round), $30 (taxes included), Manitoba Mug, sold
Lainie Rosner, Blue Mugs, red interior, 4.5″ x 3.5″ $35 (includes taxes)
Lainie Rosner, Blue/White Mugs with rust specks, 3.5×4.5″, $35 (includes taxes)
Laine Rosner, White Bowl with rust specks, Blue Swirl interior, 7″ x 3″, $40 (includes taxes)
Lainie Rosner, Set of 4 pink coasters 4″ (square), $30 (taxes included)
Lainie Rosner, Blue Rimmed Bowl with rust, $40 (includes taxes)
Lainie Rosner, Spiral mugs x 3, 12″ x 12″, 120 (taxes included)
Lainie Rosner, Iridescent and iron slab mugs x 2, 6″ x 3″, $30 (includes taxes) one available.
Ron Chase, snowflake ornament with hanger, kiln formed glass, 6.5″ x $25 (includes taxes)
Ron Chase, Star of David ornament, kiln formed glass, 5″, glass, $25 (includes taxes)
Ron Chase, Stained glass, Candles, 12″ x 3″, $25 (includes taxes), 6.5″ x 3″, $15 (set of 3), $50 (includes taxes)
Ron Chase, Glass Dish, Kiln formed glass, 6″ x 6″, $25 (includes taxes)
Debra Glenn, E22 10, $50.00 (plus PST)
Ron Chase, Orange is the New Black, kiln formed glass dish, 10″ x 6″, $15 (includes taxes)
Debra Glenn, B22 02, $45.00 (plus PST)
Debra Glenn, N22 40, $65.00 (plus PST)
Debra Glenn, E22 07, $60.00 (plus PST)
Debra Glenn, B22 04, $45.00, (plus PST)
Debra Glenn, N20 04, $80.00 (plus PST)
Debra Glenn, B22 05, $45.00 (plus PST)
Debra Glenn, N87, $45.00 (plus PST)
Debra Glenn, E22 13, $24.00 (plus PST)
Debra Glenn, N 356, $225.00 (plus PST)