Fine Craft Auxiliary Gallery

Melanie Hiebert/ Udaka Studio, 3″ x 3.5″ Prairie Cups, $30 each & 10″ Plate, $30 (includes taxes)

Last update February 16, 1pm. New works arrive February 17th at 11am. Please check back at that time for new works available. More Details TBA (working on this page right now)

February 17 to March… Brian H (TBA), Melanie Udaka Studios, Alan Lacovetsky.

Gallery hours: Tuesday to Saturday, 11am-5pm, evenings by appointment, open later, 11am to 9pm for First Fridays of each Month (March 1, April 1).

Call 204-944-0809 or email Please review our 2D auxiliary gallery page for samples of what we have for paintings, drawings, photography etc. Curbside pick-up available before or after hours. 

Melanie Hiebert, Udako Studio, 10″ Plate $32 (includes taxes)
Melanie Hiebert, Udako Stuido, Moon Cups: $30 each, 10″ Plate, $32 (includes taxes)

We have many more pieces in the gallery than what is available for previewing online.

Melanie Hiebert, Udako Stuido, Approx 11″ x 2.5″, Plate $65 (includes taxes)
Alan Lacovetsky, small bowls, $ (includes taxes)
Alan Lacovetsky, vase $ (includes taxes)

Alan Lacovestsky, bowl, $ (includes taxes)
3 Vases, $ each (includes taxes)