Fine Craft & Sculptures

Last update September 23rd with new works arriving on the 24th. Please email for any missing info/images/full collection! We have more jewelry, ceramics, and sculptures available than what is on this website page.

Regular hours Tuesday to Saturday, 11am to 5pm

New works by Tamara Roshka, Lois Hogg, Tanis Bannister, September 24 to October 4, 2022.

For purchases online contact Jordan at 204-944-0809 or  Please review our 2D auxiliary gallery page for Paintings, drawings, etc. Curbside pick-up available before or after hours.  Available for viewings by appointment after hours. Please make appointments in advance.

Steve Jorgenson, Blue/Purple/pink design, Smaller Mug, $37 each (includes taxes)

Steve Jorgenson, Large Vase, $131; small vase, $101 (includes taxes)

Steve Jorgenson, Chip/Cracker platter and Dip bowl, $100 (includes taxes)

Decorative Goose Eggs by Jackie Kozminchuk. Photos printed on silk, hand painted flowers in acrylic, gold trim braids and artificial diamond chains. 13 available, $145 each (includes taxes)

Maureen Babb, Alight, Opalite, silver plate. Chain = 18″ $40 (includes taxes)

Maureen Babb, The Watcher, Cat’s Eye glass, Swarovski crystal, silver-plate – Chain = 23″, $40 (includes taxes)

Maureen Babb, Truth in Little Places, Brass, Chrysocolla, Chain = 16″, $40 (includes taxes)

Maureen Babb, Practice, Amethyst, Silver-plate, Swarovski crystal – Chain = 17″, $60 (includes taxes)

2 cups by Lainie Rosner, Speckled white, green, and blue pinch cup (x2) 4” x 31/2” $25 each

Debra Glenn, N21-28, $35 (includes taxes)

Debra Glenn, N21-07, Copper, $40 (plus PST)

Debra Glenn, E21-23, Copper, $30 (includes taxes)

Debra Glenn, E21-04, Copper, $40 (includes taxes)

Debra Glenn, N21-24, Filagree with Onyx on Sterling Silver Rope Chain, $50 (plus PST)

Debra Glenn, B331 Bracelet, $40 (includes taxes)

Debra Glenn, E21-03, Copper, $50 (plus Pst)

Debra Glenn, N18-21, Cast Sterling Leaf with geode, Sterling Silver Chain, $120 (plus PST)

Debra Glenn, E21-24, Aquamarine and sterling earrings, $55 (plus PST)

Debra Glenn, N21-21, $50 (plus PST)

Debra Glenn, E20-05, Facetted Smokey Quartz, $25 (plus PST)
Debra Glenn, B328, Turquoise Patina Copper Cuff with Flower, $120 (plus PST)
Debra Glenn, E19-08, Brown, white, around agate with copper hooks, $20 (Plus PST)
Debra Glenn, E437, Copper Serpentine Earrings, $45 (plus PST)
Debra Glenn, E10-04, 3/4″ red/gold, Alcohol Ink circles, $20 (plus PST)
Debra Glenn, N21-25, $65 (plus tax)
Debra Glenn, N367, $90 (plus PST)
Debra Glenn, B21-09, $40 plus PST
Debra Glenn, B330, Copper Cuff with Medallion, $80 (plus PST)
Debra Glenn, B20-07, Milky Way Scarab Cuff, $90 (plus PST)
Debra Glenn, B21-02, Copper 2″ turquoise  $45 (plus PST)
Debra Glenn, B329, Cuff, Green Cork, leather strips with rivettes, $50 (plus PST)
Debra Glenn, e21.20, Turquoise copper ovals with brass symbols, $25 (plus PST)
Debra Glenn, E21-13, Copper Concave disc with spiral and coin pearl, $40 (plus PST)
Debra Glenn, N21.04,  Green Sea Glass with 3d copper centre piece, $40 (plus PST)
Debra Glenn, N21.06, copper triangle with seed beads and heishi necklace, $60 (plus PST)