Fine Craft Auxiliary Gallery

More Jewelry available by Debra Glenn, 12 months of the year. Please contact Jordan if interested in seeing what else is available.
Small Mug by Tanis Bannister, $25 (includes taxes)
Jewelry by Jola Liebzeit available November 18.
Jewelry by Jola Liebzeit coming soon!
Jola Liebzeit, arriving November 18.

Last update November 17, 3pm. More works available by each artist, this is a sample of what is available. Sold works will be removed as time permits. Call if you need me to check 204-944-0809 as I am sometimes busy and can’t update website.

November 18 to December 20: Jola Liebzeit, Noella Hanan & Tanis Bannister.

December 20 to January 4th, gallery is closed for repaint, reinstall & a holiday break.

January 5th through to February 17: Don Gobin, Lois Hogg & Christine Strike

Gallery hours: Tuesday to Saturday, 11am-5pm, evenings by appointment, open later, 11am to 9pm for First Fridays of each Month.

Call 204-944-0809 or email jordan@cre8ery.comPlease review our 2D auxiliary gallery page for samples of what we have for paintings, drawings, photography etc. Curbside pick-up available before or after hours. 

We have many more pieces in the gallery than what is available for previewing online.

Lava Mug by Tanis Bannister $30 (includes taxes)

Mugs by Tanis Bannister, $25 (includes taxes) 4 available.
Lava Mug by Tanis Bannister, $30 (includes taxes)
Tanis Bannister, Flared Plate, teal $20, does not include candle (includes taxes)
Tanis Bannister, Large Yellow Bowl, $75 (includes taxes)
Tanis Bannister, Small Yellow Bowl, $30 (includes taxes)
Wolf, Bear Plates by Noella Hanan
Snowflakes by Noella Hanan
Reed Candle, Noella Hanan
Moose Deer Plate, Noella Hanan
Noella Hanan, brown platter
Brown Swirl Mug by Noella Hanan
Noella Hanan, Brown Stripe Mug,
Blue Violet Mug by Noella Hanan
Blue Grass Plate by Noella Hanan

Bear Candle by Noella Hanan
Noella Hanan, Bear Tray
Cards by Susan Miller Hope, $5 each (Includes taxes)
Cards by Susan Miller Hope, $5 each (includes taxes)