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Janet Letkeman & Jeffery Peeling, coming up February 2-14!
Click the photo to view more works in the auxiliary gallery-please note there are 5xs as many pieces at the gallery than what we have online!
Sandra Proulx, Feb 16 to February 28!
cre8ery Gallery
New work is always arriving! Stop by soon!
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Tuesday to Saturday 11am-5pm, 204-944-0809 or email jordan@cre8ery.com for more info. Masks required, we will provide if visitors do not have.

Ball & Chain: February 2-14: Janet Letkeman & Jeffery Peeling

Find my Soul: February 16-28: Sandra Proulx

Ethereal: March 2-14, Lori Ferguson.

Auxiliary gallery & Fine/Craft section: always open, rotating new artists, every 5 weeks.

New 2023 schedule! – view & print the PDF here.

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