Weird Feelings

Marie Bodnar, Frankie Fauna & Kendall Stelmack

January 23 to February 11, 2025

Tuesday to Saturday, 11am to 5pm.

First Friday, February 7, 11am to 9pm, meet marie, 5-9pm, more TBA.

Additional Meet the Artist times:

Meet Marie: Thursday Jan 23, Friday, 24 (11-2ish); Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Jan 28-30 (11-2ish); Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Feb 6-8 (11-2ish)

Kendall & Frankie TBA

Exhibition Statements:

Marie Bodnar’s intent was to paint memories of travel over two decades which led her to thinking about “home”. She romanticizes trees and bushes in the Interlake. Only a few paintings resulted with actual travel themes and all with hints, strokes, and splashes of neon pink!

Frankie Fauna’s artistic practice is a journey of exploration and experimentation, where every piece is a testament to their passion for pushing the boundaries of traditional media. Integrating various materials, they craft visually striking compositions, inviting viewers to experience a sense of wonder and contemplation.

Kendall Stelmack is a self trained multimedia artist with a current hyper fixation of the TV show Feud : Capote versus the Swans. Inspired to create with the seven deadly sins as a theme, along with inspiration from the television show, she juxtaposes women represented as New York royalty from the mid-century, 1960s modern era. Sins are featured as semi monochromatic oil paintings representing them as characters, in an appropriate colour matching their sin as they navigated their life through marriages, family life, heartbreaks, and society gossip. Another series of seven oil paintings, feature flowers, representing the sins to show their fragility and strength of character.

Artist Bios:

Marie Cecile has been taking art classes, crafting and loving still life sketch drop-ins since moving to “the big city” of Winnipeg. Inspired mostly by travel, nude people (not so many men though) and neon pink. They stick to acrylic and acrylic inks, building loose and messy layers, while enjoying the process.

Frankie Fauna is a multifaceted artist who blends fibers and paints to create evocative and engaging works. Known for their playful approach to materials, Frankie explores unique ways to harmonize color and texture, resulting in pieces that captivate and inspire. Each artwork reflects a deep commitment to the transformative power of creativity, embodying the belief in “art through healing and healing through art.”