Looking Back, Moving Forward: A Retrospective

by Earl Rina.

January 9 – 21, 2024

Tuesday to Saturday, 11am to 5pm.

Meet the Artist Times, TBA.

Biography: Earl Rina was born in 1987 in Cebu City in the Philippines. They started their journey as an artist in 2010, two years after graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. They worked as a nurse and as an artist in the Philippines until 2018, and are now based in Winnipeg, Canada. Currently, they are enjoying further studies after receiving their Art Program Diploma from the Stratford Career Institute, and they are now pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts Honours Studio Degree at the University of Manitoba.

Earl Rina works in a variety of media and techniques ranging from painting, photography, and mixed media as they explore the often-complex connection between humans and their social environment, mental state, and nature. Blessed with both a male (Earl) and female (Rina) name by their Filipino family, Earl Rina is a strong new voice sharing their exploration of emotions with the world.

Artist Statement: The goal of my artwork is to explore and share emotional experiences through my visual adventures in painting, photography, and mixed media. I aim to show the connection between our daily encounters with our natural, social, and mental environments.

When engaging with my artwork, I am inspired by the details of nature, social issues, and the mental state that provide me with a sense of wonder and capture the exploration of emotion in my art. I am also inspired by Florence Nightingale’s environmental theory, which is based on the concept that a healthy environment is essential for healing.

This environment is a connection between our daily encounters that directly affect our physical and mental healing through tackling and exploring environmental, social, and mental issues. Experiencing nature, engaging in society, and exploring mental issues to the fullest have allowed me to capture emotions and stories through my range of works.

I continue to learn from the beauty, wonder, and complex nature of our environment as I share this exploration of emotions with the world.