Find My Soul

Sandra Proulx

Sandy Proulx, February 16 to 28, 2023

Tuesday to Saturday, 11am to 5pm.

Meet the Artist times, her husband and mother will be representing artist at the exhibition, both Saturdays, 11-5 as the artist has new & exciting job training out of town!

Masks are required, we will provide to anyone who doesn’t have.

125 Adelaide Street, 2nd floor.

204-944-0809 or

Artist Bio:

Sandra Proulx is a rural Manitoba based oil painter.  She is a self-taught artist that began painting about 25 years ago, but in the last 3 years, her creative desire grew exponentially.  While landscapes were her initial love, the desire to learn and to try and paint other subjects led to painting airplanes, animals, and people.  Often asked why she paints airplanes leads to a conversation about Sandra’s primary occupation which is as a pilot, now having flown for 22 years, and professionally as a Flight Instructor for 19 years.  As a result of her love of painting and aviation, Sandra had the opportunity to complete a collection of paintings for the Royal Aviation Museum of Western Canada that are on permanent display in their multi-purpose meeting room.  

Sandra Proulx

Sandra has had the opportunity to have her work displayed at Prairie Fusion in Portage la Prairie, in the Auxiliary Gallery at Cre8ery, and has submitted pieces to several juried art shows, with one piece being selected for showing in the Manitoba Northern and Rural Juried Art Show in 2021.

Exhibition Statement

Find My Soul is about the journey that Sandra takes every time she sits at her easel.  The paintings featured in the collection span a broad range of subjects that were fully dependent on how Sandra felt at the time of painting. It was finding peace in the creative space, through the glory of the northern lights, the detail required in painting an airplane, or the challenge of painting an animal.  They all brought a centeredness to the occasional challenges that occur during life.  The variety lets Sandra revel in the joy of painting.

Ball & Chain

Janet Letkeman

Janet Letkeman & Jeff Peeling

February 2 -14, 2023

Regular Gallery Hours: Tuesday to Saturday, 11am to 5pm.

Extended Hours: First Friday, February 3, 11am to 9pm (no reception)

Meet the artist times, First Friday, February 3, 5-9pm; Saturdays February 4 & February 11, 11-4pm.

125 Adelaide Street, 2nd floor, Winnipeg, MB

Janet Letkeman or 204-944-0809

masks are required, we will provide if you do not have.

Janet Letkeman is a Winnipeg artist best known for their landscape, surrealist and abstract oil paintings. However, during the pandemic they turned to more accessible mediums in oil and collage to express values in equality, cultural diversity and the blurred boundaries that helps us appreciate mutually common human sentiments. 

Janet’s statement: Presenting original design elements along with recognized art and artifacts, the artist (Janet) offers a collection of collage works that reflect gender fluidity and multi-culturalism within an isolated self identity. 

Jeff Peeling

Jeff Peeling Statement:

Jeff Peeling

I create mixed media art. I drip paints for eyes and teeth, but also sky or land forms. I utilise dripping to create an earthly, organic quality. I allow gravity to affect the drippings in order to escape from ego based decisions. I use coloured yarn for lines and hair. Collage plays a big part in my work and uses text relating to commercial sloganeering, philosophy and mindfulness. As a vegetarian, I became bemused by the fact that I was constantly receiving meat advertisement flyers in the mail and ground beef depicting brains became a motif.

I have never attended art school. I am guided by intuition and expressionism. I try to be aware of my gut feeling and try to respond accordingly. As a huge music fan, I think of my art as the visual equivalent of the rawness of punk rock. Being inspired by children’s art, I value their playful expressionism as opposed to mannered, educated technique. I aim for immediacy and wildness in my brushwork or dripping and subverting the physical space by tearing holes in canvas or extending the picture with cardboard attachments, blurring the lines between painting and sculpture.

In the 21st century, it seems like digital animation would be the natural route to being relevant. Instead, I use analog to comment on the digital. The issue of cell phones and concerns about the negative influence of social media places my art firmly in the current era. 

I had been daydreaming about a cell phone obsessed individual at an exhibition of my art being utterly engrossed in their phone until looking up to realize that the subjects depicted in all of the pieces had also been so occupied by their own phones, not noticing that someone had come to view them.

 Although Jeffrey Peeling is an artist from Winnipeg, Manitoba, he was raised in London, Ontario and  has previously lived in Toronto, Montreal, and Tokyo, Japan. As an artist he admires children’s art and street art and is interested in the beauty of naïve expression. Recollections of his fascinations as a child inform his current practice such as the joy of pop-up and flip books inform his current practice. He uses paint dripping and collage on canvas as his primary mode of expression, but has also explored cardboard dioramas and doll-making. Drips and splatters of acrylic paint and child-like scrawl are typical modes of expression.

So far, Jeffrey has exhibited at Zed Books in October of 2019 and at the Crescent Fort Rouge United Church Art Fest in May of 2022.

Fine Craft & Sculptures

Ann Tyre, Hat, blue, $30 (taxes included)

Last update January 28, 340pm. Gallery hours: Tuesday to Saturday, 11am to 5pm. Call 204-944-0809 or  Please review our 2D auxiliary gallery page for samples of what we have for paintings, drawings, photography etc. Curbside pick-up available before or after hours.  Available for viewings by appointment after hours. Please make appointments at least one day in advance.

Jewellery by Debra Glenn, To February 25: Ron Chase, Ann Tyre & Lainie Rosner

Please note we have a lot more work in the gallery than what is available online on our website!

Ann Tyre, Scarf, kid silk, 80″ x 14″, $50 (includes taxes)
Ann Tyre, Scarf kid silk, 80″ x 14″, $50 (taxes included)
Ann Tyre, Toque green merino and kid silk, $25 (taxes included)
Ann Tyre, Cowl, Tuquiose hand spun/dyed with beads, $30, (taxes included)

Lainie Rosner, Cup with red heart, 3″ x 3″, $30 (includes taxes)
Lainie Rosner, Set of green coasters , 4″(round), $30 (taxes included), Manitoba Mug, sold
Lainie Rosner, Blue Mugs, red interior, 4.5″ x 3.5″ $35 (includes taxes)
Lainie Rosner, Blue/White Mugs with rust specks, 3.5×4.5″, $35 (includes taxes)
Laine Rosner, White Bowl with rust specks, Blue Swirl interior, 7″ x 3″, $40 (includes taxes)
Lainie Rosner, Set of 4 pink coasters 4″ (square), $30 (taxes included)
Lainie Rosner, Blue Rimmed Bowl with rust, $40 (includes taxes)
Lainie Rosner, Spiral mugs x 3, 12″ x 12″, 120 (taxes included)
Lainie Rosner, Iridescent and iron slab mugs x 2, 6″ x 3″, $30 (includes taxes) one available.
Ron Chase, snowflake ornament with hanger, kiln formed glass, 6.5″ x $25 (includes taxes)
Ron Chase, Star of David ornament, kiln formed glass, 5″, glass, $25 (includes taxes)
Ron Chase, Stained glass, Candles, 12″ x 3″, $25 (includes taxes), 6.5″ x 3″, $15 (set of 3), $50 (includes taxes)
Ron Chase, Glass Dish, Kiln formed glass, 6″ x 6″, $25 (includes taxes)
Debra Glenn, E22 10, $50.00 (plus PST)
Ron Chase, Orange is the New Black, kiln formed glass dish, 10″ x 6″, $15 (includes taxes)
Debra Glenn, B22 02, $45.00 (plus PST)
Debra Glenn, N22 40, $65.00 (plus PST)
Debra Glenn, E22 07, $60.00 (plus PST)
Debra Glenn, B22 04, $45.00, (plus PST)
Debra Glenn, N20 04, $80.00 (plus PST)
Debra Glenn, B22 05, $45.00 (plus PST)
Debra Glenn, N87, $45.00 (plus PST)
Debra Glenn, E22 13, $24.00 (plus PST)
Debra Glenn, N 356, $225.00 (plus PST)

Auxiliary Gallery

Heather Gillespie, Valentine

Last update Feb 3, 3:30pm. New Works arrived February 4. They are listed at the top of this page. Details for each piece are missing. Please check again next week!

Genevie Henderson, Veiled Dreams 48”x36”, Canvas 2022, $1200 (Includes taxes)
Genevie Henderson- Loveliness 36” x 24”,Linen Canvas 2022 ,$700 (Includes taxes)

Regular hours: Tuesday to Saturday, 11-5pm, evenings by appointment.

Each artist has up to 5 works available in the gallery, 1-2 are posted per artist on the website and we hope you will visit us in person to see more! If you are unable to, please contact me and I’ll forward the additional images to you.

Liv Valmestad, Pacman, 20” x 16 ”, Acrylic on canvas 2021, $250 (Includes taxes)
Liv Valmestad, Sky High, 36′ ”x 48”, Acrylic on canvas 2022, $1600 (Includes taxes)
Renay Taylor Besant-Hide and Seek, 14” x 11”, Alcohol Ink, mounted on crandled wood panel, $195 (Includes taxes)
Renay Taylor Besant- Finding meaning in the moment, 12” x 16” Acrylics and Ink, $175 (Includes taxes)
Norma Jones, Field of dreams, 24” x 24 ” $85 (includes taxes)
Norma Jones-Moe Zake, 10” x 20”, $65 (includes taxes)
Sonya Topaz Joyal- Kelom of Earth
Sonya Topaz Joyal- Remembrance
Mar Desmet- Sedona
Mar Desmet- Fisherman’s nets Puerto Anaelito

Email or call 204-944-0809. curbside pick-up is available. If you don’t see what you are looking for, connect with me, we have over 200 artists, all we have to do is ask. For 3D artwork, ceramics please see our fine craft page.

Masks are required due to being immune compromised, we will provide if you do not have. For full screen viewing, click image, click the back browser button to return to the list.

Marilyn Folson, Cat Walking, 18″ x 24″, Acrylic, $400 (includes taxes)

To Feb 18:  Robert Coulter, Marilyn Folson, Sheldon Dawson, Faye Hall, Peggy Sanders, Heather Boyd, Olivia Leader.

Marilyn Folson, The Kiss, 16″ x 20″, Acrylic, $375 (includes taxes)

To March 11, Jerome Greencorn, Mar Desmet, Andrew Hiebert, Renay Taylor Bessant, Sonya Joyal, Genevie Henderson, Robert Casale, Liv Valmestad.

February 18 to March 25, Elowen Bernsein-Black, Karen, Brian Longfield, Anneli Epp, Jordan Tokas, Timothy Peters, June Derksen, Des Mendoza.

March 11 to April 15: Gwen Gill, Jennetje VanWent, Avery Asher, Margery Koop, Earl Sina, Linda Olzewski, Mike Shoofs, J. Trudeau

Robert Casale,

March 25 to April 29: Leslie Paulet, Terry Murray, Chelsea Gerstenhofer, Dawn Schmidt, Derek Blake, William Steele, George Tanner, Heather Gillespie (full)

Robert Casale,
Andrew Hiebert,
Andrew Hiebert,

Olivia Leader, Take a little trip, Acrylic on canvas, 24″ x 24″, $300 (includes taxes)
Olivia Leader, Take a little trip, 24″ x 24″, $300 (includes taxes)

April 15 to May 27: Autumn Robbie Dreward, Tanis Gray, Robert Allan Courtney, Dmitry Kirshner, Colin Toews, Rebecca Nicholls, Suzie Wong. (full)

April 29 to June 10: Lydia Bartel, Shirley Myren, Stephanie Westdal, David Howell, Heather Little John, more TBA

May 27 to July 7: Alicia Naish, Dean Richart, Helma Rogge, more TBA

Kym Sysa, Reach for the Sun, 12.5″ x 12.5″, Fibre, $150 (includes taxes)
Kim Sysa,
Robert Coulter, Inbound, 12″ x 12″, Digital Painting, $100 (includes taxes)
Robert Coulter, Inbound, 12″ x 12″, Digital Painting, $100 (includes taxes)
Heather Boyd, Golden Poppies, Acrylic, 32″ x 48″, $1800 (includes taxes)
Heather Boyd, Early Snow, Acrylic, 32″ x 48″, $1200 (includes taxes)
Faye Hall, Happy, 30″ x 30″, $600 (includes taxes)
Faye Hall, Phoenix, 30″ x 30, acrylic on wood panel, $600 (includes taxes)
Helen Harper, Copper Ring, Acrylic on Wood panel with Resin Finish, 12″ x 12″, $60 (includes taxes)
Peggy Sanders, Wildfire, ceramic tile on concrete, 17.75″ x 19.75″,x 8.75″, $415 (includes taxes)
Peggy Sanders, Starr, Ceramic tile on concrete, 18.5″ x 30.5″ x 4.5″, $385 (includes taxes)
Bhavni Bhakoo, Blue Butterfly, 24″ x 36″, $175 (includes taxes)
Susan Birdwise, The Enlightenment, encaustic on p