You won’t believe how much this matters

Exhibition by Stephanie Westdal

October 17 to 26, 2024

Meet the Artist: Saturday, October 19, 1-5pm.

Gallery Hours: Tuesday to Saturday, 11am to 5pm. Evenings by appointment.

BIO:  From earliest childhood memories and experiences creating has always been in my blood, my fabric, my soul. Whether inspired by exploring tidepools in Senegal as a child, frog searching by the light of the African moon, climbing pyramids in Egypt, floating on the Dead Sea or running around London UK as a teenager, I have always needed outlets for self-expression. I’m guessing we all do… Mine are visual arts, songwriting and music. 

 I am originally from Winnipeg but have spent over 20 years living in other countries… Senegal, UK, Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, USA. My parents are adventurers and moved the family to Senegal and then London, UK. Their passion for experience and adventure became my passion as well. I have been painting and writing songs my entire life and my passion for collage has been growing for years. I take photos of personal artifacts collected during my travels, nature, seas, oceans, pools, flowers and I cut and arrange and re-arrange and shift and discard and add and shift and remove and walk away and come back to create the pieces you see here. I am inspired by water, beautiful bold colours, the harmony the colours create together, the inner joy when it all comes together. Child-like delight. 

 In any photo or collage you might find the gold base of my Turkish perfume bottle, the lily pads at the English Garden in Assiniboine Park, the luminescent green stairs of a pool at night, Moroccan lanterns, precious petals picked up off the ground during spring in in Seattle, bits and pieces of this and that.


“Art – You won’t believe how much it matters!”

Art – It’s everything, it’s everywhere, it’s what matters! It’s the sights the smells the sounds, the touch, the experience. It permeates every inch of our lives, every crease, every corner, every circle, every line. We are envelopped by art, creativity and passion at every turn – from the beauty of the wind through flowing red hair, to the delicate curve a neckline, to the intoxicating smell of a soup bubbling, to the soothing feel of fur – it is intrinsic to life – you won’t believe how much it matters! Art is the essence of life.

I’m thrilled to be exhibiting my interpretation of “Art – you won’t believe how much it matters”. Art is life. This exhibit is somewhat eclectic. as is life! As are my passions and what inspirations matter to me – travel, immersion, sensuality, innocence, view (oh! the view!), secrets, playful childlike fantasies… bliss. I hope you get lost in your OWN creative story through this exhibit!

Art – it’s everything, it’s everywhere, it’s what matters!