Tyler Barrett, Prairie Plaster

As the owner and artisan of Prairie Plaster, Tyler Barrett works closely with local designers and builders to create bespoke plaster finishes for walls and ceilings in residential and commercial spaces.

His passion for plastering grew after travelling in 2017 to learn Venetian plaster, a creative medium in which an unlimited variety of colours and textures can be achieved, while remaining durable and functional in any space.

Upon graduating with his red seal as a Lather (Interior Systems Mechanic) from Red River College in 2018, he started his own company offering Venetian plaster, Tadelakt (a waterproof Moroccan style lime plaster for showers and wet rooms), plaster crown moulding repairs/installations and plaster artwork.





For more information please contact:

Tyler Barrett

P: 2043966562

E: tyler@prairieplaster.ca


IG: @prairieplaster



Heather Gillespie

Heather Gillespie was born in Brandon, Manitoba.  She moved to Winnipeg as a child and has spent most of her life there.  During her youth, Heather first studied fine art at Symposium School of Art in in Winnipeg,  and later attended The School of Art at the University of  Manitoba.  She set painting aside while raising a family and working many years in healthcare.

Recently retired, Heather has reconnected with her paint brush and is now devoted to refining her acrylic painting skills.  She is a member of the Assiniboia Group of Artists and has recently become a studio artist at Cre8ery Gallery and Studio.

 Heather is a gifted visual artist who delights in sharing her impressions of the magical beauty of our Manitoba lakes and forests.  She embraces emotion, mixes it with colour and light which dances from her brush onto canvas.  Her excellent sense of colour and bold brushstrokes capture the vibrant life of nature in a most compelling way.  These expressive compositions both invite and transport us toward dreams amongst the trees.


Email:  heathergillespieartist@gmail.com

website: www.heathergillespieartist.com

Etsy Shop: heathergillespieartist

Instagram:  heathergillespieartist

Facebook: heathergillespieartist



Kathleen Black

Kathleen was fortunate to be allowed to draw and paint on the walls as a child. Why stop playing now? She is comfortable in many mediums – acrylic, oil, encaustic, fabric, jewelry, glass sculpture, and pate de verre. It is the strength and beauty of people and the prairies that inspires her. Her work expresses an overwhelming interest in time and mortality. Time of day, time of life, how little or great the time. She continuously works on developing new and creative techniques — such as merging her love of painting and glass.

Kathleen currently holds a BFA from the University of Manitoba and has furthered her studies in glass at the Alberta College of Art and Design and Red Deer College.


Kathleen works with Artists in Healthcare to facilitate Art Next to the Big Blue Chair. This program is a fun creative way for cancer patients to relax during their chemotherapy treatment. She is also involved in Art Next to the Beside at an interim care facility. This merging of art and caring is a natural extension of Kathleen’s work as a chemotherapy nurse.


Instagram black_glass_artist
Email blackglass@mymts.net
Website  kathleennoelleblack.weebly.com

Bhavni Bhakoo

Bhavni Bhakoo is a Winnipeg-based multimedia artist. Her specialty is acrylics on canvas. The subject matter usually reflects her East Indian heritage, Kenyan upbringing and her interest in the socio-cultural role of women in particular.
A double gold medalist in Fine Arts from the University of Manitoba, double distinctions from the Toronto Film School, her short film “Ektha” was nominated for five out of eight categories (including Best Film and Best Director). The film received an award for Best Cinematography. Bhavni’s interest and execution in interior design has also been renowned in the few properties she owns.
Born and raised in Nairobi Kenya, Bhavni has resided in Winnipeg for most of her life. As a grandmother now, this transition has led her to reevaluate her purpose in life and her contribution to art.
Bhavni’s interest in photography stems from film production and she has developed a keen interest in nature and landscapes in northern Manitoba at her lakehouse. Over three years she has documented over 10,000 images reflecting the beauty of her Canadian heritage.
Bhavni’s other creative interests are worldwide travel, cooking and jewelry art. She spent two years living in Nairobi and Lamu, Kenya, teaching art to kindergarten through high school children.
As a foodie, Bhavni intends to write a cookbook of her recipes influenced by her East Indian, Kenyan, and Canadian upbringing.
Bhavni is an avid writer and her book (soon to be published) “Colour Me” is a memoir of her first solo exhibition at Cre8ery. Subsequently Bhavni has held two other successful solo exhibitions at Cre8ery and participated in two group shows. Her upcoming 4th solo show “Anmol Zevar” (Precious Jewels) is scheduled to open at Cre8ery in January 2022.
Bhavni is available for personal consultations for art development, interior design, video/film, East Indian cooking and much more to release ones inner artist and free your spirit!

Norma Jones

A lifetime educator and wellness professional, Norma’s most recent certification was as in Crisis and Trauma Support.

Norma Jones, M.Ed. Clinical Reading and Learning Specialist, Counsellor, Coach 204-471-4802 njones1956@icloud.com

Bill Rademaker

Bill Rademaker is an artist specializing in underwater themes. His many years of scuba diving experiences have inspired him to transfer the wonders of the undersea world to pieces of art which display the beauty of creation for all to see.

He uses his personal photos and videos to create innovative, eclectic images and sculptures. Bill is a practising studio artist who joined cre8ery’s studio as a resident artist in March 2019.


He was born in Winnipeg and has been involved in manufacturing, music, and church activities all his life. He loves experimenting with different techniques and mediums. He looks forward to people visiting in his studio near the front door.

To Connect please email billrad@shaw.ca

View his website at www.billrademaker.com




Susan Birdwise

Growing up in Winnipeg, Manitoba, I spent my summers at Whytewold in the Village of Dunnotar on Lake Winnipeg. Now, I live close to the Red River. The open spaces of the prairies and my association with the lake, the river and the Manitoba climate affect my sensibilities and are inspirational to my artistic practice. The proximity to the water is comforting and liberating, yet, I have always been mindful of “THE RIVER”. A source of beauty, recreation, and a habitat for wildlife, it can be a menacing neighbour.

I first graduated from the University of Manitoba with a Bachelor Degree in Science. I was a Computer Systems Analyst and Programmer before staying home to raise my family. During that time, I pursued my interest in painting and became a student of Nik Bjelajac at The Forum Art Institute. When my children were older, I returned to the University of Manitoba and obtained a Fine Arts degree and a Certificate in Teaching English as a Second Language. Currently, I maintain a studio in Cre8ery and teach English to Newcomers to Canada.

I work in encaustic, oil, and acrylics. My work reflects my interest in language, systems, process and sense of place.


email: jsbirdwise@gmail.com

Diamond Doug Keith

Diamond Doug Keith is a Western Painter and a Cowboy Cartoonist who grew up idolizing Charles Russell, Fredric Remington and Norman Rockwell. He went on to develop his own unique style utilizing acrylic and other mediums in a bright semi realistic way.

Diamond Doug Keith” is a Western Painter, Cowboy Cartoonist and a Cowboy Poet. Doug is able to capture the cowboy way of life through his art, poems and stories. The cowboy life is the life that he still lives today.

Diamond Doug’s main medium is Acrylic utilizing both a wet and dry brush techniques to create texture in a semi realistic style. He will paint on any surface from cow skulls to board and of course stretched canvas. Doug also veers into other mediums, water colour, graphite and polychromo coloured pencils as well. Ninety percent of his subject matter has a Western tilt, Cowboys, horses and children are a favourite. However if a strong idea pops into his head that isn’t Western he is not scared to paint it.

Doug has won or been nominated for many awards including; nominated for CD/Album cover of the year for the CCMA’s (Canadian Country Music Awards) and winning Best Illustration in the Signature Awards, among others.

Doug is a sought after artist and painter. In fact he was commissioned to produce the official portrait of “Skoal’s Airwolf”, the three-time world champion buckin’ horse, upon its retirement. Doug was also commissioned to do the 50th Anniversary Painting for the 2013 Manitoba Stampede a huge honour taking over three months to paint and a 1000 reference photos to do. Doug has shown his art for nine consecutive years at the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas.

He is also a proud member of the prestigious Cowboy Cartoonists International consisting of the top Cowboy Cartoonists in the world. It was this organization which brought him to the attention of the Leanin’ Tree family of greeting cards where he now produces comedic cowboy cards for them on a regular basis.

Doug has been featured in several Nationally broadcast documentaries. Including a feature in the two hour CBC Calgary Stampede Sunday Finals National broadcast. He has also been published in many books, magazines, DVDs and Cds.

If you see Diamond Doug Keith at an easel, around a fire or in a saddle please come and say hello!

Contact information for Diamond Doug Keith:

Phone: 1 204 691 0878

E-mail: ddoug@mymts.net

Web-Site: diamonddougkeith.com

Mail: 207 Home Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, R3G 1X2

Jola Liebzeit

Jola Liebzeit, a Winnipeg Artist, began a painting focus in acrylic and mixed media after completing a BFA degree in 2001 and BA Advanced Psychology degree in 1997, both from the University of Manitoba. She continues to grow her skills as a dedicated studio artist and now has her main studio out of Cre8ery.

Jola has a light-hearted tone to her work where she explores applying various textures and color-blending techniques to achieve the effects of atmosphere and emotion.

Over the past 5 years she has enjoyed connecting with other artists and art lovers through the local art community and selling her work in various group exhibitions while teaching and coaching budding Winnipeg artists.

Visit her in person at her ‘little gem around the corner’ studio at the back hall at cre8ery. Jola Liebzeit’s paintings explore shape and atmosphere while keeping an upbeat colour palette.  Jola has a light-hearted tone to her work and enjoys exploring the emotional effects of colour.

Contact Jola for Commission requests or to purchase works.

Email: Jola.artist@gmail.com








Dan Hawksworth

Dan Hawksworth is a Winnipeg born and raised contemporary visual artist whose primary focus is on pen/ink based illustrations.

For Dan, art is a form of art therapy that allows him to process the world around him and allow his imagination to roam freely whether through the realms of fantasy, mysticism, science fiction or popular culture.

His works have ranged from fanart through science fiction, fantasy and more recently a turn into the macabre and gothic with elements of steampunk, Lovecraftian horror and Giger becoming prominent. His works through 2018 and 2019 have been primarily pen focused on the pull between beauty and darkness and the interplay of the “beautiful lie against the ugly truth”.

His illustrations also extend into cartooning focused on his character Dee Dragon which is a fun house mirror view into how Dan perceives the world as well as occasional social commentary and satirical works.

Other mediums that Dan works with include pyrography, painting and he is beginning to explore creative writing to further bring to life his original characters and worlds.

On the Web

Website: https://www.danhawksworthart.com/

My Self-Published books: https://www.blurb.ca/user/DanHawkswort

On Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/danhawk333

On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DanHawksworthArtDepot


Society6: https://society6.com/danhawksworth

In real life:
Dan lives and works in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, and has maintained a studio at cre8ery Gallery & Studios since 2014.

For inquiries or to arrange a studio with Dan please email Dan at danhawkartistic@gmail.com

If you would like to purchase at anytime during gallery hours, please see Jordan Miller, Director, Tuesday to Friday, 12-6; Saturday 12-5. 2022 hour are changing to Tuesday to Saturday, 11-5pm