Politically Drawn

Chris Chuckry,

July 25 to August 26, 2024

First Friday, August 2, 11am to 9pm.

Tuesday to Saturday, 11am to 5pm.

125 Adelaide Street, 2nd floor., Winnipeg

204-944-0809 or jordan@cre8ery.com

You may have seen his political cartoons online, now come and see Chris Chuckry’s ink and watercolour illustrations in person!

Politically Drawn – Artist’s Statement

In a world of information overload and shrinking attention spans, political cartoons survive—communicating events, and spurring debate around ideas. Political cartoons are comments on politics, politicians and current events. Drawn with a mixture of satire, humour and criticism, these cartoons are part of the political discourse in an open and democratic society. At a minimum, they hopefully provide a laugh. In other cases they shine light on important political and social matters, deserving of wider awareness and discussion. In an increasingly polarized society, reactions to political cartoons range from laughter, through indifference and into anger. These reactions highlight the power of ideas—especially of ideas presented as easily read political cartoons.  


Christopher Chuckry is an artist, visual storyteller, educator, ally and accidental activist. Best known for his work in the comic book industry, he has been regularly creating self-directed political cartoons for the past four years, with ink and watercolour. His decades as a professional artist belie an early formal education and experience in the field of economics.