cre8ery is indeed a“cre8ive space for cre8ive people” for all involved. It is operated fairly and expertly by cre8ery’s full time director, Jordan Miller. She has a Fine Arts Degree and a Arts and Cultural Management certification.

I shared the Classroom Studio, a huge and brightly lit multipurpose room, with two groups for one month. The groups using the space, scheduled at different times, were diligent in their respect of my work. The atmosphere, people, location, and 24 hour secure access permits a comfortable working locale. One can find more than one night owl burning the midnight oil, and feel as if this were everyday “modus operandis” – which indeed it is for many working artists.

With openings scheduled every second Thursday or Friday evening and thorough advertising – this artistic centre offers artists the assurance of regular, consistent operating hours and reliable exposure to the public of their works. The environment is dynamic with scheduled workshops, drop in dates, and exhibitions held by many wonderfully talented artists as well as a steady stream of professional and emerging artists.

Their auxiliary gallery allows artists who may not have complete collections, to show their work for sale, and also inspire many to try their hand at different genres for a shot at a sale of a piece of art that may have never otherwise have been seen. There is a waiting list for studio and gallery space, so if you are looking for temporary working space for a project, the classroom studio is an extremely affordable option.

Jordan had to tidy up my creative space for me once when I forgot what day it was (oops!), and she was intensely respectful of anything that might or might not be “Art”. She laid my belongings aside with such care that despite her apparent self expectations of excellence, I knew that this was no arrogant artist! She even put my tools in little boxes for me!’