Maureen Babbs

Our Auxiliary/members gallery is open Tues to Fri, 12-6pm & Sat. 12-5pm.  If you need to make an appointment beyond hours, please schedule in advance.   To become a member please click here. To purchase art please contact Executive Director Jordan Miller (204) 944-0809 or email Check our home page for cre8ery’s Reception & First Friday hours for main gallery exhibitions.  Studio artists are listed here.


Current Collection: To April 7: Blake McArthur, Reymond Page, Patricia Best, Glenn Reid, Murray Watson, Serena Wilson Stubson, Heather Little John, Maureen Babb, Lynda Gilchuk, Marim Diaen Zipursky, Jennifer VandeVooren To April 21: Heather Boyd, Roberta Sparling, Manny Martins-Karman, Nichol Marsch, Barb Watson, Annette Havens,  Mike Astill, Suzanne Hunter

April 7 to May 12:  Joseph Reyes, Cathie Ugrin, Dmitry Kirshner, Robert Allan Courtney, Brenda Martin,  Rosemary Miguez, Sandra Dalton, Jennifer Hallick,

Lucie Madeleine Delisle, Books by: Holly Nelson, Jennifer LaBella, Monika Hansen, and Heather Robbins.

April 21 to May 26: Francine Martin, Carol Stocki, Karen Wardle, Nora Kobrinsky, Patricia Clapa, Connie Wawruck Hemmett*,  Mary Ann Stewart*, Gregg Burner, Anja Studer

May 12 to June 16: Marlene Roy, Linda Olzewski, Heather Robbins, Shirley Myren, Sari Habiluk*, Linda Barringer, Andres de las Casas,  Ralph Croning

May 26 to June 30: Dodie Mitchell, Rosemarie Finlay, Shosh Shalev-Minuk, Heather Gillespie, Valerie Peasey, Diamond Doug Keith, Svetlene Russco*

Names*: To be Confirmed…. may change, please check back again soon.

June 16 to July 21: Jackie Turnbull, Mark Humphries, Christie Dawn, Nikki Biffin, Joana Salazar*,  Tatiana Gregoryanz, Siobhan Price Cormier, Corinne Flaws*, Linda Oleschuk*, Yvette Hawkes*

June 30 to August 4: Ingrid Lincoln,  Beverley Zimmerman, Kristina Krauss*, Diane Blakeley*,  Waylon Snowflake*, Rey Renooy*, Rosemarie Peloquin*, Michael Joyal*, Jocelyn Rushworth*

July 21 to September 8**: Kevin Girard*, Wendy Singleton*, Sharon O’Leary*, Michelle Place*, Bobbi Barcaz*, Laura Gross*, Christine Boult*, Cindy Garrioch*, Laura Gross*, Tiia Johnson* Irene Rowland

Murray Watson

**Closed for a holiday August 15 to August 28, 2019

August 4 to September 22… Kris Row*, Lori Zebiere*, Graham Hnatiuk*, Alena Ruggles*, More TBA

September 1 to October 6: Neta*, Daniel Hawksworth*, more TBA

September 8 to October 13: Paul Sparling*, Catherine Emile, Jill Booker*, More TBA

September 22 to October 27: Andrew Crozier*, more TBA

October 6 to November 17: Ron Chase*

October 13 to November 17: TBA

October 27 to December 1, 2018: Tanis Bannister*, more TBA

November 17 to December 22, 2018: Debra Glenn*, Noella Hanan*

Linda Barringer


December 1, 2018- January 26, 2019:  TBA

January 19 to March 2, 2019… TBA….

January 26 to …TBA

March 2 to…TBA