Robert Coulter

Our Auxiliary/members gallery is open Tuesday to Friday, 12-6pm & Saturdays 12-5pm.  If you need to make an appointment beyond our hours, please schedule in advance.   To purchase art or to become a member please speak to Executive Director Jordan Miller (204) 944-0809 or email

Please check the home page for cre8ery’s reception & first friday hours for main gallery exhibitions.

Studio artists are listed here.


To November 18: Adilia Cunha, Alison Taylor, Bonnie Bodnarchuk, Jola Liebzeit, Leigh Konyk, Lois Hogg, Mandy Giesbrecht

To November 25: Noella Hanan (ceramics)

To Dec 16: Ann Tyre (fabric works)Roger Sutherland, Gail Sawatzky, Kris Row, Bhavni Bhakoo, Jim Corbett, Vanessa Friesen,

Olivia Leader

Tamara Roshka

Nov 18 to Jan. 6: Glenna Evans MulvihillRyan Dyck, Olivia Leader, Robert Coulter, Ryan Dyck, Susan Birdwise, Brigitta Urben,  Genevie Henderson, Verna Mogk

November 25 to January 6: Steve Jorgenson

December 16 to January 27: Jennifer Johnson, David Marshall, Robert Miguel Olazo, Sonya Joyal, Andrew Hiebert, Sheldon Dawson, Jennifer LaBella, Yulia Sevchuk, Kathleen Shellrude, Richard Webb, Trish Sullivan



Names with an * after this point are To be Confirmed….and may change, please check back soon.

Jennifer Johnson

January 6 to February 10:Gayle Halliwell, Brian Stefanik, June Derksen*, Cyndie Sutherland, Todd Kaspruk, Marilyn Folson, Darryl Bailey*, Suzanne Hunter*, Laurie Harper Winning*

January 27 to March 3:

Bazil*, Candace Propp*, Murray Watson*, Cathleen Hues*, John Izzard*, Kathleen Black*, Judy Vielgut*, Chris Chuckery*, Christine Seaver*, Reymond Page*

February 10 to March 17:

Angela Lillico*, Marcela Salazar, Norma Jones*, Serena Wilson Stubson*, Nichol Marsch*, Kerry Knudson*, Patricia Garrod*, Courtney Smith*

March 3 to April 7:

Lynda Gilchuk*, Glenn Reid*, Ashleigh Drewett-Laird*, Blake McArthur*, Carol Stocki*, Christine Seaver*, Stephen Bryden*, Nirdosh Ganske*, Marlee Kitson*

Jennifer Johnson

March 17 to April 21:

Heather Robins*, Barb Watson*, Manny Martins-Karman*…more TBA…

April 7 to May 12:


April 21 to May…TBA

May 12 to June…TBA

July TBA

Sheldon Dawson

August TBA

September TBA