Hours: Tues to Fri, 12-6pm & Sat. 12-5pm. 

To make appointments beyond hours, please schedule in advance.

To purchase art please contact Jordan Miller (204) 944-0809 or email jordan@cre8ery.com.

To Mar 30: Angela Moisey, Kathleen Black,  Mar. 2 to April 6: Courtney Lynn Smith, Marnie Donovan, Judy Vielgut, Renelda Peters, Brian Stefaniuk, Diane Blakeley, Patricia Best, Ashleigh Drewett Laird;  To April 13: Kristina Kauss March 16 to April 27:  Shannon Fautley-Sawatzky, Robert Allen Courtney, Carol Stocki, Heather Little John, Glen Reid, Shirley Myren, Lucie Madeleine Delise, and Cat Hues

Jerry Rubin

March 30 to May 4: Indra Skuja Grislis

April 6 to May 18: Angela Lillico, Ingrid Lincoln, Gregg Burner, Mark Humphries, Alice Smith, Cindy Lou Rothery, Sandra Dalton, Diamond Doug Keith

April 27 to June 1: Eugene Kabrin, Michael Joyal, Heather Gillespie, Valerie Peasey, Wilma Schroeder, Brenda Martin, Marlene Roy, Suzanne Hunter, Annette Havens

Artists with an * are To be Confirmed.

May 4 to June 15: Francine Martin, Tanishka Salakoh, Jerry Rubin, Connie Wawruck Hemmett, Linda Oleschuk*, Maureen Babb*, Laura Gross, Lorena Ferguson* Jonathan Girouard*  TBC



Diamond Doug Keith


May 18 to June 15: Linda Olzewski, Christine McMaster, Dodie Mitchell, Bernard Ferguson,  Rosemarie Peloquin*,  Louise Valcourt, Patricia Clapa* Corinne Flaws*, Nikki Biffin*, Rebecca Goldenberg Mathae* Mariam DZ* TBC

June 1 to July 6: Dan Hawksworth, Catherine Popiel, Anne Marie Layman, Jocelyn Rushworth*, Ralph Croning*, Dawn McDonnal*, Lynley Baranyk*, Beverly Zimmerman*, Yvette Hawkes* TBC

June 15 to July 20: Lee Beaton* Debra Glenn*

June 22 to July 20: Shosh Shalev Minuk*, Jackie Turnbull*, Christie Dawn*, Christine McMaster*, Angela Beer*, Kathleen Crosby*, Andres delasCasas*, TBC

July 6 to August 17, Julia Penny*, Susan Harrison*, Siobhan Price*, Katie Unrau*, Rahim the Photographer*, Amanda Corp*, Graham Hnatiuk*

 *closed August 21 to September 6

Ingrid Lincoln

July 20 to Sept 14: Juanita Klassen*, Tanis Bannister*

August 17 to September 28: Sari Habiluk*

September 14 to October 19: Mary Ann Stewart*, Bobbi Baricz*

September 28 to November 2: TBA

October 12 to November 16, cabinets

October 19 to November22, 2019: Ron Chase*, Noella Hanan*

Jerry Rubin

November 2 to December 7, 2019, TBA

November 16, 2019 to January 11, 2020 cabinets

November 23, 2019 to January 18, 2020 TBA cabinets

December 7 2019 to February 1, 2020, TBA

January 18 2020 TBA cabinets.