Our Auxiliary/members gallery is open Tuesday to Friday, 12-6pm & Saturdays 12-5pm.  If you need to make an appointment beyond our hours, please schedule in advance.   To purchase art or to become a member please speak to Executive Director Jordan Miller (204) 944-0809 or email jordan@cre8ery.com.

**cre8ery’s auxiliary gallery will be closed for a holiday August 1, 6pm-August 23rd, 12noon, excluding pre-performance evenings August 17, 18, 19…

Studio artists are listed here.

Please check the home page for cre8ery’s reception & first friday hours for main gallery exhibitions.


To August 26:  Anne Layman, Shirley Myren, Cathie Ugrin, Laurie Harper Winning, Shirley Rayner, Jackie Turnbull, Kathleen Crosby, Christie Dawn.

To September 2: Wall: Siobhan Price Cormier, Melissa Bergen, Lisa Izakov, Irene Rowland, Jill Booker, Marlene Roy, Jocelyn Rushworth; mostly cabinets: Patricia Clapa, Cindy Garrioch, Diane Blakeley.

August 26 to October 7: Maja Larsen, Carly Boomer, Naomi Gerrard, Ralph Croning, Julia Penny, Dodie Mitchell, Christina McWilliams.

September 2 to October 14 *not all confirmed but tentative: Tim Haughin*, Debra Glenn*, Jean Wiens, Larry Fielding, Christopher Wood, Lou Valcourt*, Linda Johnson*, Shosh Shalev Minuk*

October 7 to November 11: Anna Araoz, Catherine Emile, Marj Moore, Adilia Cunha*, Alison Taylor*, Pauline Braun*, Shelley Malone*, Margaret Shaw Mackinnon*, Shereen Ramprashad*, Tanis Bannister (cabinet),

October 14 to November 18: Jola Liebzeit, Leigh Konyk*, John Shopka*, Debbie Watt*, Susie Brown*, Kris Row*, Lois Hogg*, LeeAnn Hawkins*

November 11 to December 16:

November 18 to January 6:

December 16 to January 27: