Tamara Roshka, September 14 – 26, 2023

Gallery Hours: Tuesday to Saturday, 11am to 5pm, evenings by appointment

Meet the artist times, TBA.

Nature inspired ceramic art & painted works of the vast Manitoba prairie
skies. More TBA.

Vehicular Traffic: What is your Vehicle?

August 31 to September 12, First Friday, September 1, hours TBA

Tuesday to Saturday, 11am to 5pm, evenings by appointment

Meet the Artist times & more info TBA.

Vehicular Traffic What is your vehicle?

To create a body of work that celebrates the 100 year history of the Ford Motor Company in Canada and to illustrate Canadian social behaviour.  Originally this series was created to educate immigrants coming to Canada in a transitional space set in an airport. It was meant to stimulate thought around how one gets their needs met.  How do you deal with stress?  Often many of us have coping mechanisms to deal with pain, some positive, some negative.  The question “What is your vehicle?” asks us about our physical choice in cars but it also asks “What is your vehicle for overcoming life’s circumstances?”, (a metaphysical question).  Vehicles can be mechanized structures causing traffic accidents, congestion or simply order.  They can be arranged in sequence, driven cautiously and used as a means of transportation.   Unfortunately, they can also be used carelessly and cause destruction.  Many car accidents could have been avoided with proper maintenance and driving habits.  Often in our lives it is the same way.  We sometimes drive recklessly and ruin the very ones we love.  However, when we make healthy choices, our speedometer is happy and we have more success.

The solution is a series of 10 wooden shaped boards, each cut from a 4’ x 8’ sheet of wood, into the silhouette of a Ford vehicle, representing a decade in its 100 year history in Canada.  The reason for highlighting the Ford Motor Company is to honour their significant contribution to shaping Canadian cultural identity and to honour my father, a long-standing Ford employee.  With its truck plant being located in Oakville, Ontario it is fitting for the cars to be Ford replicas.  Each car would be painted with imagery resembling the diversity of our social behaviour but not necessarily relate directly to its surrounding shape.  By juxtaposing contrasting images on top of the vehicles, the viewer is forced to draw their own conclusions.

Sarah Collard is an artist, muralist and art teacher who has painted over 50 public art murals throughout Canada and has taught art for 30 years.  She has been supported by organizations such as Take Pride Winnipeg, Downtown Winnipeg BIZ, the government of Manitoba, Manitoba Arts Council, MAWA, private businesses and themuralsofwinnipeg.com.  She has spent time teaching as an Artist in the Schools and has taught in a fly in reserve as far north as Tadoule Lake.  Since arriving in Manitoba in 1994, Collard has taught visual arts to elementary, middle and secondary students in 6 different school divisions across Manitoba [Louis Riel School Division, Winnipeg School Division, Interlake School Division, Swan Valley School Division, Red River Valley School Division and Borderland School Division].  The topics which Sarah covers in her curriculum range from drawing, painting, printmaking, clay, wood, and sculpture.  Collard has also taught art, animation, graphic design, drafting and photography in Kamloops and Chetwynd, British Columbia.  Private schools such as Linden Christian School and Mennonite Collegiate Institute have also hired Sarah to teach visual arts to their students.  

Sarah grew up in Burlington, Ontario and took most of her education in Roman Catholic schools such as Holy Rosary Elementary and Assumption Secondary School.  Sarah acquired an honours bachelor of fine arts from the University of Waterloo, a computer graphics graduate degree from Sheridan College, an education degree from Nipissing University and courses towards a masters in education at the University of Manitoba.  Traveling to 13 European countries expanded her bilingual ability and grew her appreciation for cultural masterpieces.  She enjoys her large, close knit Italian-British family plus painting, nature walks and singing.

7th From the Sun

Janet Letkeman, solo exhibition

August 17 – 30, 2023

Tuesday to Saturday, 11am to 5pm.

Meet the Artist times, TBA.

A eclectic connection of abstract and surreal works presented in oil with some mixed media sculpture /textured canvas pieces.

During my childhood, artistic talent was encouraged and appreciated by my mother and aunts whose works were recognized in the Mennonite community of my heritage. During adolescence, while residing in northern Manitoba, I was fortunate to gain further instruction in oil painting from Doreen Beaupre who was friends with members of the Indian Group of Seven. In 1973 , I studied fine arts at University of Manitoba but my education was interrupted when I could not find community supports for the care of my son who faces functional limitations due to Cerebral Palsy and who I continue to support for his daily needs. My passion for artistic expression lead me to study independently as I became fascinated with varied mediums, techniques and methods which I continue to explore today, although oil painting is my first love and I always return to it. In 2003-‘07, I was painting nearly full time and began showing my work in Winnipeg galleries but again was interrupted when new demands in my son’s care needs resulted in major life changes on several fronts. My health also required some rehabilitation and it wasn’t until 2017 that I could return to artwork. I built two studios in my home where I can manage my son’s care needs while I work. Seventh from the sun is the planet Uranus, a symbol in astrology for eclectic character, inspiration and innovative ideas as well as sudden, impacting changes, all of which play major roles in my life and work.


I have always been in awe of the elemental beauty of nature. The simplicity of essential being both soothes and excites me. I try capture these mystifying and uplifting aspects in my artwork. That which I wish to convey to the world fills my heart to bursting yet I find no words or form that justifies its beauty and thus my focus wanders into abstract. I give the medium, the tools and my hands freedom to find the way as I search for the one thing that says it all. 

Spaces in Togetherness

Bill Rademaker and Carla Toews

June 22 to July 4: Tuesday to Saturday, 11am to 5pm

Meet the Artist Times, TBA

Space is important!

The closest of relationships often has room for times when individualism needs to shine forth. Within those creative and exciting moments, great results come from varying types of expression.

The inner animation of the married couple Bill Rademaker and Carla Toews is presented in an exhibition featuring the varied styles of both artists.

Carla embraces Steampunk as her chosen mode of expression and Bill portrays his extensive underwater travel experiences and his interests in exotic woods and trees.

Carla is an at-home artist while Bill is one of the cre8ery studio artists.

BIOGRAPHY – Bill Rademaker

Bill is a Winnipeg-born artist, musician, and writer. His artistry began in high school, but was on hold for many years, giving way to family and career. Now, acrylic painting and exotic wood carvings blend in new designs and techniques. His inspiration comes from extensive travel, with particular focus on underwater themes, trees, and natural phenomena.

BIOGRAPHY – Carla Toews

Carla is a Winnipeg-born artist, musician, teacher, mother, and grandmother. She has extensive experience in early childhood education and student music development. In addition to an active church and family life, her artistry has developed in recent years, and she enjoys the search for new ideas and techniques.


Jacobus vanHoudt

June 8 to June 20: Tuesday to Saturday, 11am to 5pm

Meet the Artist times, TBA.

125 Adelaide Street, 2nd floor, 204-944-0809

Unison is an exhibit that explores the connection between mankind in relation to one another, as well as nature and the greater whole of the Universe. Using various mediums such as acrylic, ink, mixed media, and watercolour, the artist imagines a world where mankind lives in utopia with their natural surroundings–a world where technology and Mother Earth intertwine in synchronicity.

Unison is also an exhibit about self discovery, as the artist explores his identity of being first generation Canadian of both Dutch and Filipino heritage. In doing so he will further uncover his purpose in relation to the greater world around him, while exploring the connections we all share as one humankind.

Jacobus van Houdt is a self-taught artist from Winnipeg, Canada. From an early age Jacobus has pursued his passion of art through various mediums including ink, watercolour, and acrylic. Symbolism and impressionism have had heavy influences on Jacobus’ work, as well as his travels–having traveled to all seven continents.

Jacobus has had works in multiple galleries including Estudio Luna, Keepsake’s Art Gallery, Konstlobbyn, and the cre8ery. His works have also been featured in numerous exhibitions including those in Great West Life and in benefit of local charities including Osborne House, The Dream Room Project, and Arcane Horizon Community.

In 2021 Jacobus van Houdt held his first solo show “Transcendence” at the cre8ery, becoming one of the best-selling shows at the gallery in a decade. The show was in part a fundraiser and half the proceeds were donated to Arcane Horizon Community, a non-profit dedicated to enriching the lives of persons with intellectual disabilities.

Jacobus’ art has now found homes across North America, Europe, and Australia as he continues to reach an international audience. Currently he is preparing for his sophomore solo show “Unison” next June at the cre8ery, as well as growing partnerships with galleries locally and abroad.

*Portion of the proceeds will be donated to Arcane Horizon support of persons with intellectual disabilities (www.arcanehorizon.org).

Command G

Shouresh Jalili, mixed media

Command G features a collection of new works by Krista Lawson, Kristen Lourie and Shouresh Jalili. 

May 25 to June 6: Tuesday to Saturday, 11-5; First Friday, June 2, 11-9pm

Meet the Artist times, TBA.

Masks are required, we will provide to anyone who doesn’t have.

Focusing on figurative and representational work, this exhibition covers a diverse range of technical and expressive approaches with each artist bringing their own unique style to the table.

Shouresh Jalili
Shouresh is a multidisciplinary visual artist with a background in design and illustration. Over the last decade Shouresh has shifted his artistic attention towards fine arts, exploring the relationship between form and void through figurative and abstract works.

Krista Lawson

Krista Lawson

Krista loves to explore portraiture and figure drawing in a variety of mediums. She has been making art forever and is always looking to grow and try new things.

Kristen Lourie

Kristen Lourie

Kristen Lourie is an artist and graphic designer based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She’s been making art for over 20 years. Her paintings are mostly abstract with a theme of bright colors, shapes with lots of movement, and occasionally a cute animal character. She is most well known for being the creator behind the brand Kodiak Milly. Her goal in any media she works with is to bring a little visual joy into the audiences’ day.

Infinite Horizons

Jim Thomson

March 30 to April 11, Tuesday to Saturday, 11am to 5pm.

First Friday hours, TBA.

125 Adelaide Street, 2nd floor. 204-944-0809

Artist’s Statement:

Raven is my familiar in the tradition of fantasy literature. He allows me to travel in ways I cannot. These images are about moving through the landscape to experience it, rather than just being a passive observer. Raven creates the landscapes as he flies, folding and unfolding, building the world along a line with infinite horizons. We all build our worlds by moving through them. Let Raven take you through his.


Jim Thomson received his Bachelor of Environmental Studies (Architecture) in 1983 (U of Manitoba) and his Bachelor's degree in Fine Art from the University of Saskatchewan in 1985. Jim had a solo show in Wasagaming in 1990, and participated in group shows including Manitoba Society of Artists shows. While working in the graphic arts as an illustrator and production artist and later as a supplier Jim became involved in computer graphics technology. This lead to a new career as a teacher of Interactive Digital Media at Kildonan-East High School. From 2002 to 2021 Jim taught students how to use technology as a form of storytelling using art and code to produce animations, web sites, video games and VR experiences. While these current images are not directly related to game development, they are the result of a passion for storytelling and world building. Upon his retirement in June 2021, Jim returned to his traditional fine art roots and the Canadian landscape he has travelled through all his life.

Ethereal by Lori Ferguson

Exhibition: March 2 to March 14

Regular Hours: Tuesday to Saturday, 11am to 5pm

Friday March 3, Open for First Friday, 11am to 9pm.

Meet the Artist dates & times: First Friday, 5-9/Saturdays 11-5. appointments can be made as well.

For After hour appointments or for Online Purchases contact jordan@cre8ery.com or call 204-944-0809

Exhibition Statement

Ethereal is a series of oil paintings that express humanity’s ongoing search for something beyond the ordinary struggle and grit of everyday life—something greater, more beautiful and filled with truer light than we experience as mere mortal beings.  The work in this exhibition will lift the imagination from earthly to heavenly realms.

Artist Bio

Lori Ferguson is a contemporary impressionist painter who lives and makes art immersed in an urban Canadian landscape.  Lori paints to counteract the inner unrest that modern life manifests into daily reality as physical and mental health challenges. Full of characteristic brush strokes and a palpable quality of energy, Lori’s paintings are alive with motion, colour and light. Using oil paint as her main weapon of choice, she expects that her work will elicit a response to both the familiar and the unexpected in her passionately painted forms.

Find My Soul

Sandra Proulx

Sandy Proulx, February 16 to 28, 2023

Tuesday to Saturday, 11am to 5pm.

Meet the Artist times, her husband and mother will be representing artist at the exhibition, both Saturdays, 11-5 as the artist has new & exciting job training out of town!

Masks are required, we will provide to anyone who doesn’t have.

125 Adelaide Street, 2nd floor.

204-944-0809 or jordan@cre8ery.com

Artist Bio:

Sandra Proulx is a rural Manitoba based oil painter.  She is a self-taught artist that began painting about 25 years ago, but in the last 3 years, her creative desire grew exponentially.  While landscapes were her initial love, the desire to learn and to try and paint other subjects led to painting airplanes, animals, and people.  Often asked why she paints airplanes leads to a conversation about Sandra’s primary occupation which is as a pilot, now having flown for 22 years, and professionally as a Flight Instructor for 19 years.  As a result of her love of painting and aviation, Sandra had the opportunity to complete a collection of paintings for the Royal Aviation Museum of Western Canada that are on permanent display in their multi-purpose meeting room.  

Sandra Proulx

Sandra has had the opportunity to have her work displayed at Prairie Fusion in Portage la Prairie, in the Auxiliary Gallery at Cre8ery, and has submitted pieces to several juried art shows, with one piece being selected for showing in the Manitoba Northern and Rural Juried Art Show in 2021.

Exhibition Statement

Find My Soul is about the journey that Sandra takes every time she sits at her easel.  The paintings featured in the collection span a broad range of subjects that were fully dependent on how Sandra felt at the time of painting. It was finding peace in the creative space, through the glory of the northern lights, the detail required in painting an airplane, or the challenge of painting an animal.  They all brought a centeredness to the occasional challenges that occur during life.  The variety lets Sandra revel in the joy of painting.

Ball & Chain

Janet Letkeman

Janet Letkeman & Jeff Peeling

February 2 -14, 2023

Regular Gallery Hours: Tuesday to Saturday, 11am to 5pm.

Extended Hours: First Friday, February 3, 11am to 9pm (no reception)

Meet the artist times, First Friday, February 3, 5-9pm; Saturdays February 4 & February 11, 11-4pm.

125 Adelaide Street, 2nd floor, Winnipeg, MB

Janet Letkeman

jordan@cre8ery.com or 204-944-0809

masks are required, we will provide if you do not have.

Janet Letkeman is a Winnipeg artist best known for their landscape, surrealist and abstract oil paintings. However, during the pandemic they turned to more accessible mediums in oil and collage to express values in equality, cultural diversity and the blurred boundaries that helps us appreciate mutually common human sentiments. 

Janet’s statement: Presenting original design elements along with recognized art and artifacts, the artist (Janet) offers a collection of collage works that reflect gender fluidity and multi-culturalism within an isolated self identity. 

Jeff Peeling

Jeff Peeling Statement:

Jeff Peeling

I create mixed media art. I drip paints for eyes and teeth, but also sky or land forms. I utilise dripping to create an earthly, organic quality. I allow gravity to affect the drippings in order to escape from ego based decisions. I use coloured yarn for lines and hair. Collage plays a big part in my work and uses text relating to commercial sloganeering, philosophy and mindfulness. As a vegetarian, I became bemused by the fact that I was constantly receiving meat advertisement flyers in the mail and ground beef depicting brains became a motif.

I have never attended art school. I am guided by intuition and expressionism. I try to be aware of my gut feeling and try to respond accordingly. As a huge music fan, I think of my art as the visual equivalent of the rawness of punk rock. Being inspired by children’s art, I value their playful expressionism as opposed to mannered, educated technique. I aim for immediacy and wildness in my brushwork or dripping and subverting the physical space by tearing holes in canvas or extending the picture with cardboard attachments, blurring the lines between painting and sculpture.

In the 21st century, it seems like digital animation would be the natural route to being relevant. Instead, I use analog to comment on the digital. The issue of cell phones and concerns about the negative influence of social media places my art firmly in the current era. 

I had been daydreaming about a cell phone obsessed individual at an exhibition of my art being utterly engrossed in their phone until looking up to realize that the subjects depicted in all of the pieces had also been so occupied by their own phones, not noticing that someone had come to view them.

 Although Jeffrey Peeling is an artist from Winnipeg, Manitoba, he was raised in London, Ontario and  has previously lived in Toronto, Montreal, and Tokyo, Japan. As an artist he admires children’s art and street art and is interested in the beauty of naïve expression. Recollections of his fascinations as a child inform his current practice such as the joy of pop-up and flip books inform his current practice. He uses paint dripping and collage on canvas as his primary mode of expression, but has also explored cardboard dioramas and doll-making. Drips and splatters of acrylic paint and child-like scrawl are typical modes of expression.

So far, Jeffrey has exhibited at Zed Books in October of 2019 and at the Crescent Fort Rouge United Church Art Fest in May of 2022.