Exploring transformation and flow, through mixed media and ceramics. A celebration of nature, the female form, and pottery.

Angela Taylor, Lainie Rosner & Brandi Shabaga

August 17 – 29, 2023: Tuesday to Saturday, 11am to 5pm, evenings by appointment.

Meet the Artist times, no reception:

Friday Aug 25th 5-7

Saturdays, 12-4 (Brandi and Angela)

Full exhibition Statement, bios, and TBA

Angela Artist Statement

My art is my heart and soul, using vivid colour and motion because as a neurodivergent woman, this is how I experience the world. I celebrate the female form through layers of mixed media (based in blue and red acrylic) on canvas, with the depth of emotion shifting into peace and ease. Art has been my breath as I wash away the shame and move into acceptance.

Artist bio:

Angela Taylor is a visual artist and a resident of Winnipeg, Manitoba. She uses art to express deep emotion and process trauma. She uses photo-realistic and abstract styles with the human body and nature as inspiration. She is the author of three books, based in art and creativity: Get Your Art On! An art for wellness facilitation guide, All Kinds of Minds, and Forever on Fire. Multiple large works are up across Canada, including The Warrior Goddess at The Park Theatre in Winnipeg, and Progressive Pour at Turning Leaf Services. 

She had exhibitions at Cre8ery, MAWA , and Granite Mountain Stone Design. Angela creates in alcohol ink, acrylic mediums, mixed media, photography, writing, poetry, and live painting performances.

She integrates her training as a therapist and mental health and accessibility expert, empowering and supporting community members to express emotion and process pain. Her Inner Fire Project is a new art as therapy initiative to offer another therapeutic and healing experience for her clients.