Odds N’Ends: The Everything Show

Odds n’Ends: The Everything Show!” is an exhibition of “a little of this and a little of that” from almost 70 local artist members!  In this show you will find portraiture, abstract paintings in different styles, imaginary landscapes, prairie scenes, florals, and quirky works.  The exhibition will be hung salon style in a grid with 24″ x 24″ pieces stacked in the main gallery-end to end! Works are available in a range of prices as well from $100 to $3000 as some are tightly detailed and others are a splash of fun. To see the full available collection for sale, you’ll have to pop by to see the exhibition! We’ve shown a few images on this page of works that will be in this exhibition

Exhibit opens Saturday, January 14 at 11am:

Exhibition Hours: Tuesday to Saturday, 11am to 5pm to January, 28, 5pm.

Meet the artist days & times are being set up – see below. We will keep updating this page as we get closer to the exhibition start date.

Leslie Paulet

Featuring these artists 

Amy Dubois (c)

Angela Taylor

Ashley Segal (Meet the Artist Jan 14)

Audrey Dagger

Barb Watson (c)

Bill Rademaker

Brenton Van Hussen-Olson

Carrie Paulicelli

Bonnie Hallman (January 21, time TBA)

Bonnie Y. Bodnarchuk (c)

Brian Longfield

Carla Toews

Carrie Paulicelli (no meet the artist time)

David Colvin (Jan 21, 1pm – 3pm)

Desiree Mendoza

Dodie Mitchell (Thursday, January 12, Time TBD)

Drew Perry (Thursday, June 19, TBD)

Elizabeth Macrae

Erica Holloway

Faye Hall

Gary Potter

George Tanner (Jan 19)

Gowan Doandbe

Gwen Gill

Gwen Gill (c)

Heather Boyd

Heather Gillespie (artist time, tbd)

Helen Harper

Irene Pohorecka

Jackie Kozminchuk (c)

Jackie Turnbull (Thursday, Janaury 19th, meet the artist)

Janis Nickel

Janet Letkeman

Jannetje VanWent (meet the artist, January 18)

Jared Loewen

Jennifer LaBella

Jahaziel Gonzales-Mendoza (Meet the Artist, January 21 & January 28, 11-3pm)

Joanne Berger

Jordan Miller (meet the artist, all hours of show)

Julia Penny (meet the artist, January 18)

Julia Mary Langer (meet the artist, Jan. 21, TBA)

June Derksen (Thursday, Jan 19, 12-3pm)

Kari Taylor Lehman (c)

Kim Sysa

Kristina Zabawa Ryan

Laura Gross (tentatively meet the artist Jan 20 / 21, TBC)

Lee Beaton (meet the artist, January 28)

Leslie Paulet (meet the artist January 21, 3-5pm)

Linda Olzewski (meet the artist times: Jan 14, 11-4; Jan 18 1-4, Jan 28, 1-4)

Liz Leones (Meet the artist January 21)

Lori Ferguson

Lydia Bartel

Marlene Roy

Lori Ferguson

Marilyn Folson (c)

Maureen Babb

Mike Schoofs (c)

Monica Blackmon (Thursday, January 19)

Norma Jones (Meet the Artist, Tuesday, Jan 17)

Olivia Leader (Meet the Artist, Tuesday, January 17)

Pamela Desmet Franklin (Meet the Aritst: January 20 & 27)

Mike Schoofs

Patricia Garrod

Peggy Sanders (Meet the Artist, January 18)

Pink Panda

Rebecca Jewel Nicholls

Rey Fritsch

Roberta E. Sparling (c)

Ruth Kamenev (c)

Sandra Proulx (meet the artist January 14, 12-3pm)

Sarah Collard (c)

Sheri Turner (c)

Susan Crawford-Young (c)

Stephanie Westdal (meet the artist January 28, time TBA)

Susan Hope (meet the artist-January 14)

Tanis Gray (meet the artist – January 20, time TBA)

Terry Murray (meet the artist – January 26)

Timothy G. Peters (Saturdays, by appointment)

Tyler Barrett, Prairie Plaster