Naked, Sleepless & Hot Pink

Naked, Sleepless, Hot Pink, An Exhibition by Rey Fritsch

November 3 to 15, 2022: 

Tuesday to Saturday, 11am to 5pm, First Friday, November 4, 11am to 8pm (no reception) Artist in Attendance First Friday, 5 to 8pm & Saturdays 12 noon to 5pm.


Masks Mandatory

Artist statement – “It’s like everything I never wanted to say aloud, memories I’ve never lived, adventures I’ve never had, people I’ve never met , places I’ve never visited – most that have never existed, until I scribbled it down in paint , a story that no one knows – and the magic is that anyone can now share in the adventures ,places and people , they never knew existed inside of them before now. That is art. It is all very surreal to me, very magical and mysterious . It’s not a way of life it is life, it’s everywhere, I’m just a story teller. “
Bio – Rey Fritsch is a Canadian pop surrealist painter who gained notoriety after posting one of her paintings on her social media pages on December 29th, 2016. By the start of 2017 she began to amass a global following of dedicated fans, clients, and collectors. Painting a wide variety of subjects, in an array of mediums, you will almost always find her “happy color”, hot pink, peeking through the layers and textures of paint. Whether it be a study in female form, her innovative take on portraiture, or her own unique approach to the often banal pet portrait, Rey executes each and every one of her paintings in her own inimitable style: with wild, vivid arcs of thick acrylic delirium that coat her canvases like a technicolor dream.