David Colvin

As a lifelong Manitoban, I am inspired by our distinct seasonal changes and their impact on the human condition. This has been a constant throughout my career as an artist, parent, playwright, and clinician/therapist.






The art recalls my youth of wistful summers- filled with the thrum of fishfly wings and the angst of heartbreaking beach romances. Winters were made memorable by noses bloodied from the cold, lint covered licorice, and chaotic Christmases in ancient smoke-filled houses, replete with hidden workshop drawers that spilled over with loose artificial teeth and poorly concealed whiskey bottles.



I draw inspiration from the Surrealists, including Yves Tanguy, Leonora Carrington, and the outsider work of Henry Darger. My quasi-realistic pieces are motivated by dreams, psychedelia, and uncanny combinations of materials, scenes, and objects.




Acrylics are my go-to, but any combination of water-based media is fair game in my work.

I am based out of my studio at cre8ery gallery and can be reached for inquiries/appointments at dcolvin2@me.com



Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/yoursyntheticworld/