Bhavni Bhakoo

Bhavni Bhakoo is a Winnipeg-based multimedia artist. Her specialty is acrylics on canvas. The subject matter usually reflects her East Indian heritage, Kenyan upbringing and her interest in the socio-cultural role of women in particular.
A double gold medalist in Fine Arts from the University of Manitoba, double distinctions from the Toronto Film School, her short film “Ektha” was nominated for five out of eight categories (including Best Film and Best Director). The film received an award for Best Cinematography. Bhavni’s interest and execution in interior design has also been renowned in the few properties she owns.
Born and raised in Nairobi Kenya, Bhavni has resided in Winnipeg for most of her life. As a grandmother now, this transition has led her to reevaluate her purpose in life and her contribution to art.
Bhavni’s interest in photography stems from film production and she has developed a keen interest in nature and landscapes in northern Manitoba at her lakehouse. Over three years she has documented over 10,000 images reflecting the beauty of her Canadian heritage.
Bhavni’s other creative interests are worldwide travel, cooking and jewelry art. She spent two years living in Nairobi and Lamu, Kenya, teaching art to kindergarten through high school children.
As a foodie, Bhavni intends to write a cookbook of her recipes influenced by her East Indian, Kenyan, and Canadian upbringing.
Bhavni is an avid writer and her book (soon to be published) “Colour Me” is a memoir of her first solo exhibition at Cre8ery. Subsequently Bhavni has held two other successful solo exhibitions at Cre8ery and participated in two group shows. Her upcoming 4th solo show “Anmol Zevar” (Precious Jewels) is scheduled to open at Cre8ery in January 2022.
Bhavni is available for personal consultations for art development, interior design, video/film, East Indian cooking and much more to release ones inner artist and free your spirit!