Art & Soul Members Exhibition 2024

Pink Panda

Our Members were to submit a piece of art with “a little soul”. All works were to be a minimum of 12″ to a maximum of 24″. A variety of mediums: paintings, photography, ink, fibre, sculpture and mixed media are available from abstract to landscape and portraiture! 73 artists are in this exhibition.

Darci Madllung

In this exhibition you will find just about something for everyone!

There is one piece per artist in the art and soul exhibition; however, some of our artists are also featured in the auxiliary gallery. A (*) next to each person’s name on the long list below the meet the artist times, indicates if there are more pieces available.

Artworks can be purchased online or in person. Pick up or shipping available after the exhibition. Pre-sales available with full payment by contacting or 204-944-0809.

Dodie Mitchell

Exhibition Hours: January 6-27, 11am to 5pm, Tuesday to Saturday, evenings by appointment. 125 Adelaide Street, 2nd floor. Extended Hours, no reception, First Friday, January 5, 11am to 9pm

Meet the Artist times:

Saturday, January 6:

11am – 1pm: Bonnie Hallman, Debbie Turcotte, Kristina Ryan; 1-3pm: Ryan Lucenkiw, Lisa Salazar, Bonnie Samara Hayward, 3-5pm: Suzanne Hunter, Gagan Panfer

Friday, January 12:

11-1pm: Kate Manchur, Alexis Dufault, Karen Blicker, 1-3pm: Peggy Sanders, Heather Gillespie 2-4pm: Ruth Kamenev, Ellen Hatley.

Brian Stefaniuk

Saturday, January 13:

11-1pm Kari Lehman, Jackie Turnbull, Sandy Proulx, Patricia Garrod, Jacqueline Trudeau; 12-2pm: Pink Panda, 1-3pm: Olivia Leader, Helen Harper, Linda Olzewski, 2-4pm: Lee Beaton, Pamela Desmet Franklin, 3-5pm: Chelsea Gerstenhoffer.

Friday, January 19:

Drew Perry

12-2pm: Jennifer LaBella

1-3pm: Drew Perry

3-5pm: Jan Rogers

Saturday, January 20:

11am-1pm: Jim Thomson, Nikki Braun, Anna Schmidt, Norma Jones

Karen Blicker

12-2pm: Greg Petzold, Gary Potter

1-3pm: Ed Alexiuk, Christopher Wood

2-4pm: Murray Toews

3-5pm: Alicia Naish, Scott Cook, Nicole C. Rosevere.

Friday, January 26:

11-1pm: Perry Little

1-3pm: Barb Hoffman

Nikki Braun

Saturday, January 27:

1-3pm: Ana Azevedo, Sonia Rothenmund, Jackie Kozminchuk, Desireee Mendoza; 2-4pm: Marilyn Folson & Robert Coulter, 3-5pm: Maureen Babbs, Tanya O’Leary, Darci Madlung, Tanis Gray


Alexis Dufault

Alicia Naish

Ana Azevedo

Anna Schmidt*

Anneli Epp

Olivia Leader

Barb Hoffmann

Bonnie Hallman

Bonnie Y. Bodnarchuk*

Brandi Shabaga, TBA

Brian Stefaniuk


Chelsea Gerstenhofer

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Heather_Gillespie-1024x1012.jpg
Heather Gillespie

Christopher Wood*

Darci Madlung*

Debbie Turcotte*

Debra Glenn

Desiree Mendoza

Dodie Mitchell

Drew Perry

Pat Penner

Ed Alexiuk

Ellen Hatley

Gagan Panfer*

Gary Potter

Greg Petzold*

Helen Harper

Heather Gillespie

Jacqueline Trudeau

Suzanne Hunter

Jackie Kozminchuk

Jackie Turnbull

James Thomson

Jan Rogers

Jennifer LaBella

Karen Blicker

Kari Lehman*

Kate Manchur

Debra Glenn

Kim Richard Salo

Kristina Ryan

Lee Beaton*

Linda Olzewski

Lisa Salazar*

Liz Leones

Barb Hoffman

Marie Bodnar*

Marilyn Folson*

Maureen Babb

Mike Schoofs

Murray Toews

Nicole C. Rosevere*

James Thomson

Nikki Braun*

Norma Jones

Olivia Leader

Pat Penner*

Patricia Garrod

Pamela Desmet Franklin*

Peggy Sanders

Perry Little

Sheri Turner

Pink Panda

Rebecca Jewel Nicholls*

Richard Webb

Robert Coulter

Roberta Sparling

Ruth Kamenev

Ryan Lucenkiw*

Jan Rogers

Samara Hayward*

Sandra Proulx

Scott Cook*

Sheri Turner

Smiley Craig

Sonia Rothenmund

Suzanne Hunter

Tanis Gray

Tanya O’Leary

Timothy Peters (meet the artist time by appointment)

Vicki Rempel