7th From the Sun

Janet Letkeman, solo exhibition

August 17 – 30, 2023

Tuesday to Saturday, 11am to 5pm.

Meet the Artist times, TBA.

A eclectic connection of abstract and surreal works presented in oil with some mixed media sculpture /textured canvas pieces.

During my childhood, artistic talent was encouraged and appreciated by my mother and aunts whose works were recognized in the Mennonite community of my heritage. During adolescence, while residing in northern Manitoba, I was fortunate to gain further instruction in oil painting from Doreen Beaupre who was friends with members of the Indian Group of Seven. In 1973 , I studied fine arts at University of Manitoba but my education was interrupted when I could not find community supports for the care of my son who faces functional limitations due to Cerebral Palsy and who I continue to support for his daily needs. My passion for artistic expression lead me to study independently as I became fascinated with varied mediums, techniques and methods which I continue to explore today, although oil painting is my first love and I always return to it. In 2003-‘07, I was painting nearly full time and began showing my work in Winnipeg galleries but again was interrupted when new demands in my son’s care needs resulted in major life changes on several fronts. My health also required some rehabilitation and it wasn’t until 2017 that I could return to artwork. I built two studios in my home where I can manage my son’s care needs while I work. Seventh from the sun is the planet Uranus, a symbol in astrology for eclectic character, inspiration and innovative ideas as well as sudden, impacting changes, all of which play major roles in my life and work.


I have always been in awe of the elemental beauty of nature. The simplicity of essential being both soothes and excites me. I try capture these mystifying and uplifting aspects in my artwork. That which I wish to convey to the world fills my heart to bursting yet I find no words or form that justifies its beauty and thus my focus wanders into abstract. I give the medium, the tools and my hands freedom to find the way as I search for the one thing that says it all.