5 Years of Fibre: TFAM

Five Years of Fibre: Textile and Fibre Artists of Manitoba 2022 Member Show

October 7 to 18, Tuesday to Saturday, 11am to 5pm, First Friday, October 6, 11am to 8pm.

Masks Mandatory.

125 Adelaide Street, 2nd floor, 204-944-0809 or jordan@cre8ery.com

Artist StatementFive Years of Fibre: a visual, tactile expression of creativity and community

Elowen Braunstein-Black
Rita Shields
Cindy Smyth
Linda Bailey
Tania Deleva
Leona Schroeder
Marj Moore
Rosemarie Peloquin
Suzanne Cenerini
Coreen Zerr
Jaynie Himsl
Kim Sysa
Judy Burch
Jeannine Fergusson
Adeline Sellwood
Bev Crowston
Lynda Matchullis
Susan Selby
Ruth Ens
Patricia Anderson
Theresa Shaw
Yvonne Rempel
Michelle Gaber
Elaine Filyk
Krista Zeghers
Cindy Dyson
Yvonne Carlson
Cathie Ugrin

TFAM BioThe Textile and Fibre Artists of Manitoba (TFAM) is a non-profit fibre arts group founded in September 2017. The current membership count is 68 members from urban and rural areas of Manitoba and Canada. TFAM has been involved in numerous Events, Workshops, Presentations & Receptions, Meetings, Newsletters and Exhibits including Manitoba Moments, ICE, River, Shifting Perspective and JOY. Throughout the pandemic, TFAM continued to support its members through monthly ZOOM Meetings, online workshops, a gallery/ museum reference section on the Website, the opportunity to give back to the community through various mask intuitives, and a COVID Fibre Art Journal Challenge which has been donated to the Manitoba Museum as part of their permanent collection. TFAM is honoured to be one of the co-sponsors of the Journeys in Thread Fibre Art Symposium taking place in Birtle, MB in June 2022.