Upcoming cre8ery workshops

It is recommended that you register early for workshops.To Register please email or call instructor.  

Instructors, please click Here for rates & info

Free Adult Informal Writing Group, 2018

Facilitated by Norma Jones, Saturday, January 20, 1-3pm, donations accepted. call 204-487-3177 or email njones@mymts.net

Round Table Q & A Session with Jordan Miller, 2018

Sunday, 1-3pm, January 28, 2018, $20 members, $25 non members

What questions do you  need answered as a beginner or emerging artist?   In this session Jordan Miller will be able to answer in depth questions by participants.  Discussion from other artists on experiences and situations will also be available.  Come with your list of questions and find the answers! Put Jordan on the spot to answer your difficult questions…? (yikes!)

Manitoba Singer-Songwriting Circle

February TBA, 7-9pm, see rates/info below

Guests are welcome and encouraged to attend 2 song circles free of charge to check things out. By then, you will know that we`re the place and the people to bring your songs for encouraging helpful feedback! Then you can either become a MISC Member for the yearly membership fee of $20 CDN (pro-rated quarterly) and enjoy all the privileges that membership brings (performance opportunities, workshops, etc) OR you can pay a $2.00 drop-in fee per circle. for more info on this group please contact: https://www.facebook.com/Manitoba-Independent-Songwriters-Circle-207408966027170/

or http://www.manitobasongcircle.com/

Gelli Plate-Mono Printing with Artist Instructor Heather Martens,

Saturday, Feb. 24, 2018 10am to 4:30pm, $75, all equipment and materials included, maximum of 10.

All ages and abilities can enjoy this new way of creating mono-prints, based on the old technology of the hectograph. It involves applying paint to a printing-plate made of gel. Textures are created by applying a variety of objects to the paint.  BEWARE: This activity is known to be addictive due to its endless possibilities!  To register: contact the artist Email hmartensr@gmail.com Instagram: @secondchance_studio Website: https://heathermr.ca

Managing Your Priorities, Finding Time…with Jordan Miller

Sunday, February 25, 1-3pm, $25/member, $30 non member

Do you ever feel like there is just too much on your plate as an artist? Where do you start when it comes to the business side? Artists always say, “we really just want to paint and create” and they don’t take pleasure in marketing themselves. Who does! In this workshop artists will set goals for both their artistic careers and the management of their careers. From promotion to creation, this is the workshop to get organized and get to work!

How to Build Relationships in the Art World

Sunday, March 18, 1-3pm, $20/member; $25 non member

How do you as an artist connect to people in the art buying world?  How do you grow your audience as an artist?  How do you keep your audience interested in seeing more exhibitions and to keep them coming back? Not only do we have to build relationships with buyers but also galleries and with other artists.  Our networking skills are always being put to the test.  All of these questions will be discussed with a variety of ideas on how to build relationships in the art world.

Applying for Submission Calls

Sunday, April 8, 1-4pm, $25/member; $30 per non member

This workshop is being catered to those artists who will be submitting to the cre8ery 99 pieces of art on the wall May 12th Submission deadline for the 2019 exhibition.  Learn how to submit for any call for submission at any gallery by following basic guidelines on Bios, Artist Statements, CVs, Price Lists, and ‘how to submit’ your files.

Pricing Your Art for Today’s Market

Sunday May 20, 1-3pm, $25/member; $30 per non member.

What do you have to consider when pricing your art?  There are 2 standard formulas artists use to price their works as well as many other considerations such as reaching your market.  This is one of the biggest challenges artist’s face.

One on One Art Critques

25 minute Time slots from 1pm to 4pm, June 3, $25/member; $30 per non member

Need some advice on the direction of your work? Positive constructive feedback, advice on composition, design, colour choices, etc. will be discussed. Max of 3 pieces can be brought to each appointment. We will try to discuss all three works in the 25  minute allotted time.







(more slots will be added as artists book the above slots)


Promoting Your Artwork on Social Media

Sunday, October 21, 1-3pm, $25/member; $30 per non member

Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn.  So many different ways to sell your work on social media.  How are these platforms different from each other?  How do you connect with this audience?  How do you stand out?  In a busy social media world, its a challenge to be seen and heard.  Learn how to better use these tools.

Exhibiting in Alternative Gallery Spaces

Sunday, November 18, 1-3pm, $25/member; $30 per non member

Hair Salons, Spas, Restaurants, Cafes etc. are all considered “alternative gallery spaces”. How do you approach these spaces to hang and sell your art?