Upcoming cre8ery workshops

It is recommended that you register early for workshops. To Register please email or call instructor. 

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Question & Answers about your Artist Career; Advice Session with Jordan Miller 

Sunday January 19, 1-4pm, depends on number of attendees, $20 member/$25 non member, Please bring 3 or 4 questions related to your artist careers: Marketing, Submissions, Selling, Pricing Artwork, Applying to Galleries, etc. This was a great session last time..At least 2 questions per artist will be answered. Some questions may be asked by another artist so its great to come with extra questions! You’ll also want to bring a note pad and pen as you will likely learn more than you imagined! Max 15 attendees, —


Pricing for Profit, Gallery Exhibitions with Jordan Miller

Sunday, February 9, 1-3pm, $25 member/$30 non member

One of the biggest struggles artists have is in pricing their own work. Its an uncertainty that many artists have.  There are formulas artists use and consistent pricing from piece to piece is equally important. We’ll discuss commission rates, pricing strategies, and marketing.  Start being more confident in selling your works by pricing according to market value.

Image Transfer Workshop with Jordan Miller, 2 afternoons, 1-3pm, Sunday February 23 and March 1, $75 per student including supplies, images to be provided by participant.

Learn how to created a 1 layer image transfer on Wood Panel by using magazine images, or your photography prints.  On the second day, I’ll talk about how to create more layers beyond layer one so artists can do this following the workshop.  

Proudly Presenting Your Portfolio (the how to’s and the what’s what)

Sunday, March 29, 1-3pm, $25 member/$30 non member

Are you presenting your portfolio as best as you can? Learn the value of and the how tos for professional art documentation, cropping images, resizing images, emailing files and what goes into the portfolio. Learn the differences between bio and statement. (please bring whatever you have written before so i can take a look at your marketing materials).

Being Social (Media) for Artists with Jordan Miller, 

Sunday, April 26, 1-3pm, $25 member/ $30 non member.

What is a hashtag? Why are hashtags so important? What hashtags should I be using for my art? How do you tag? Why should you tag? What is the best way to promote yourself on social media? Is your content engaging?  Should I be paying for Ads? Is my art going to be stolen online? Is Twitter worth it? Should I be on linkedIn?

These are questions I often hear in my consulting sessions. Learn the ins and outs of Instagram, facebook business pages and we will briefly talk about LinkedIn and Twitter.

Avoiding Artist Burnout with Jordan Miller, 

Sunday, May 31, 1-3pm, $25 member/$30 non member

Are you producing too much or having too many shows in a year?  Artist burn out is real. Learn when to take a break and how to not overwhelm your audience.  Learn to balance your art career and your job. 

Dates to be announced, Fall to winter 2020.

  • Building Your Client List (from Scratch)
  • You are an artist, now what?
  • Mastering your time + your list
  • The Truth about Marketing (why bother?)
  • Why we need gallery representation

The First Wednesday of each month, 7-9:30pm is the Manitoba Independent Singer Songwriter Circle, Drop In, 7-9:30pm

You can find more info on their facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/Manitoba-Independent-Songwriters-Circle-207408966027170/