What Remains…

by Lillian Bonin & Quahaila Hewitt

Opening Reception & First Friday: March 2, 7-10 pm,

Additional Gallery Hours: March 3-March 13

Tuesday to Friday, 12-6 pm

Saturday, 12-5 pm

I respond to the world around me with a camera, a pencil and a brush. In my practice, I collect images as I interact with my surroundings and create photographs and paintings. My subject matter evolves depending on my circumstance: planting a garden, traveling, or caring for ill family members. The connections between my physical environment and my personal experiences serve as inspiration for my work. I have always been interested in memory and it’s impact on one’s everyday experience. I create art because I must; I attempt to engage the viewer by images that are multi-textured and raise questions.

This exhibition, What Remains…, explores what remains when nature and people leave. Tangible elements, such an abandoned building, a footprint or cemetery as well as emotional responses are addressed in this body of work. I consider what a loved one leaves when they die as well as the daily ritual of day descending into night. I also address the unexpected alteration of terrain by a human or environmental hand. These works depict a moment of discovery and a response to them. The exhibition shares a reverence for the seemingly mundane as well as life altering and is a careful observation of what makes us human.

Lilian Bonin is an image-based artist who collects fragments of humanity and nature from four continents and transforms them through paintings and photographs into metaphors for the human experience. Through analog and digital media she explores the inner and physical landscape. Light is essential to her work that has often been described as poetic. In her practice Lilian seeks the unexpected and values the process of discovery in art making. She has exhibited her visual narratives in Canada and France. Her work is in the permanent collection of the CCFM, included in the book, Hommage à Gabrielle Roy, has been used in movie shoots and held in collections across Canada. She obtained a BFA, first class honors in photography at the U. of M. and is the recipient of Manitoba and Canada Arts Council Grants. She maintains a studio and resides in Winnipeg, Mb.

Installation room exhibit: Quahaila Hewitt is a Winnipeg artist, photographer, and seeker of beauty. She enjoys capturing the everyday stunning moments that take place around us.