Opening reception: March 16 7:00 to 10:00pm

Additional gallery hours March 17 to March 27:

Tuesday to Friday, 12 to 6pm

Saturdays: 12 to 5 pm

Whale Calling and the Purpose of Rabbits, Nigel Bart

This body of work contains some older works and some newer ones. The title of this show: Whale Calling and the Purpose of Rabbits describes elements of my journey and the symbolic purpose that certain things have on my own life and spirit. I gravitate to painting and sculpting the human figure in many different contexts. My style is mostly expressive so my imagery is highly emotional, colourful and exaggerated. I express myself in a highly subjective manner and try to capture my perception of life from that unique perspective. I paint and sculpt quite fast and try to capture the raw energy of my subject matter. I look at art making as a visual map of my journey in life and I have been able to capture the full spectrum from extremely dark to extremely hopeful.

Nigel Bart, BFA, is the Founder and Studio Facilitator of Artbeat Studio Inc. Music and art play an essential role in his life and are a great resource in his recovery from schizophrenia. Recognizing a strong connection between his own mental health and creativity Nigel sought ways to support other artists in similar circumstance.  Artbeat Studio Inc. opened in 2005 with guidance of his family, a committed board of directors, and supportive funders.  Nigel has produced an award winning anti-stigma video “Inside Out”, exhibited paintings at the National Art Gallery of Ottawa, and remains a dedicated advocate for equitable opportunity and acceptance of persons with mental illness.   He is the recipient of several awards including an Honorary Artist award from the Manitoba Foundation of the Arts and The Flag of Hope Award from the Schizophrenia Society of Canada. As well, he is a member of an advisory committee “the hallway group” to the Mental Health Commission of Canada and appears as a speaker at conferences across the country.