Artist Statement, Visual Escapology

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Thursday, July 8- Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Gallery Hours: Tuesday to Friday, 12-6pm; Saturday, 12-5pm

After Hours: Contact Jordan for an appointment 204-944-0809

This collection showcases dramatic abstract artworks by Renay Taylor-Besant, through which she offers unique interpretations of the abundant joy and beauty in the world around us. Renay’s paintings are inspired by colours glimpsed in nature, her travel to beautiful locales and imagined worlds. Renay uses bold colours and textures on the canvas to represent energy and movement, happiness and connection – but also invites the viewer to explore the details of each piece, and to become immersed in their own individual experiences of the work. Each creation offers its own unique interpretation of reality, providing a momentary escape into memory or fantasy, and connecting the thoughts and feelings of viewer with the intentions of the artist. Renay invites you to voyage into Visual Escapology.

Bio: Making art has always been a part of who Renay is at her core. Creating was a constant throughout the years; a means to finding peace, a way to rejuvenate and center herself. Even when life got too busy, as she pursued a career in social services and raised two boys and many dogs with her husband, the creative need would ooze out in the form of doodles on meeting agendas, sketches beside the telephone and stolen moments with a brush once the household was asleep.

Experimenting and learning through decades of practice, Renay expressed her artistic self in representational work using coloured pencil, watercolours, acrylics and, most recently, abstract works using fluid acrylics. Through it all the goal was more colour, more life; creating a vivid reminder of the beauty and wonder in the world, to help fill in the little pieces of herself she gave away while providing human services.

In more recent years, Renay has embraced the muse and moved from making art as a solitary endeavour to sharing and showing her work in local Manitoba galleries and through online opportunities. Renay has won prizes for her art in juried art shows and her work has been collected all across North America. Providing others with an opportunity to enjoy and escape into her vivid, mesmerizing representations of beauty in the world, has brought a whole new level of joy and contentment to Renay as the creator.