The Golden Hour – An Art Exhibition by Sari Habiluk

Opening Reception: May 5, 7-10pm

Additional Hours: May 6 to May 16:
Tuesday to Friday, 12-6pm; Saturday, 12-5pm

moon-phase-mandala-24x30-mixed-media-on-canvas-2015-600 howl-acrylic-on-canvas-20x20-2016-310The Golden Hour refers to the time period shortly before sunset or after sunrise during which daylight is redder and softer than when the sun is higher in the sky. From a different perspective, Dr. R. Adams Cowley, professor of thoracic surgery, once stated that “There is a golden hour between life and death. If you are critically injured you have less than 60 minutes to survive. You might not die right then; it may be three days or two weeks later — but something has happened in your body that is irreparable.”

Both definitions have poignancy to them. The time holds a personal significance to me. The Golden Hour is when I find myself painting past midnight. At that time I am most inspired and productive. I feel energized. My only limit is what I can imagine.

In regards to the critically timed treatment of an injury, each piece is somewhat like an introspective wound, cauterized on canvas and set to heal.

The pieces in The Golden Hour have a sense of movement and flow, with a colourful palette; I see striations of detail in the shadows with fibers and facets to the way the light strikes. The night is dynamic and alive. What may seem simple on the surface, underneath is actually layered and complex. These are the qualities I strive to imbue in my work.

Artist Bio – Sari Habiluk

Since becoming a member of cre8ery gallery & studio in 2013, Sari Habiluk has been honing her style in the primary medium of acrylic paint. In recent years, she has been edging her way into the business side of the art world, under the mentorship of visual artist, Jordan Miller.

She has done various commissioned works over the years, as well as showing pieces out of a tattoo shop on Tache Avenue, before its closure and relocation in the summer of 2014. As well, Habiluk has assisted in the priming and background painting for local muralists, Mandy Van Leeuwen and Michel Saint-Hilaire; in the projects at Rainbow Stage in Kildonan Park and the Nellie McClung mural on Sargent Street.

Sari’s paintings have a unique style. Her tendency to use more vibrant hues in the place of usually muted tones, make her work all the more eye-catching. As if someone turned the brightness dial to eleven. This is perhaps the reason she has affection for John Atkinson Grimshaw nightscapes. The light comes in even when darkness abounds.

With seven group exhibitions under her belt, Sari continues to learn and experiment with new techniques, one of them being a comic strip. Her dark comedy “Un-Supermarket” is currently being published in both university papers, The Uniter and The Manitoban.

Privately collected in Manitoba, Ontario, and the Yukon; Sari Habiluk lives and works in Winnipeg.