Strength by Numbers (2) & 10 Year Celebration

April 7th: First Friday, 5-9pm: Pre-bidding opens

April 8th 12-5pm, Pre-Bidding continues

April 11th, 12th, 13th: 12-6pm, Pre-Bidding continues

Thursday, April 13th, 7-11pm: Final bids & Entertainment, Celebrate Art! There will be food, music, spoken-word– and fun! Pass the hat? 50-50? Take out a membership? Buy a custom artist-made cre8ery mug?  We are also launching our new “cre8ery gallery and studio video”!  Oooo….awesome

7pm: First Performance (see list below)

7-9pm Stephanie Struger will be live-drawing caricatures.

9:45-10pm Silent Auction Bids ends

10:05 (last performance, see list below, art will be wrapped up for bidders)

approx. 10:30 Raffle Draw (collection on art payments begin, classroom studio)

cre8ery gallery + studio has been in operation for 10 years offering opportunities to all artists. In the past 10 years, we have had only one fundraiser and that money carried us for six wonderful years. cre8ery has signed a new lease to carry us to 2020 with a substantial increase in rent starting in May 2017. We have asked artists, musicians, spoken word performers to donate time to help freeze our membership, studio and gallery rates.  The response has been amazing!

Artists will be donating anywhere between 50-100% of the money raised at the event.  The fundraiser will take place in the Main Gallery via silent auction bidding. Bids will begin at $50 and increase $5 or more per additional bid. The more money raised, the more affordable options that cre8ery can continue to offer!

Come out to admire and enjoy the art offerings from amongst the cre8ery community. Mediums range from encaustic, paintings, drawings, photography, print-making, image transfer, and digital art, to ceramics, glass art, sculpture, fabric art and jewelry.


April 13, 7pm – 11pm

MC-Andrea von Wichert

7pm: Sari Habiluk (instrumental)

7:25pm: Kevin Mckay (music)

7:40pm: Diamond Doug Keith (Cowboy Poet)

7:55pm: Celia Wren (music)

8:20pm: C~Soul (Cecil Anderson, music)

8:35pm: Andrea von Wichert (spoken word)

8:45pm Roger Fournier (handmade instruments)

9:10pm Graham Hnatiuk (the Hearing Trees, music)

9:30pm Broms the Poet (spoken word: Jeff Bromley)

9:45pm: KittyKittie (Ambient)

10:05pm: Amadians (James Roth, Courtney Devon, Kyle Fox)


Participating Artists/Donors:

Andrea Bell Stuart

Andrew Hiebert

Angela Lillico

Ann Tyre

Ashleigh Dawn (image)

Barb Watson

Bazil Artist

Bernard Ferguson

Benj Funk

Bobbie Baricz

Bonnie Bodnarchuk (image)

Brenda Martin

Brigitta Urben

Bhavni Bhakoo

Candace Propp

Cathie Ugrin

Catherine Emile

Christina McWilliams

Christopher Wood

Connie Wawuck Hemmett

Corinne Flaws

Cindy Garrioch

Dan Hawksworth

Darlene Drewniak

Darren Fast (image, landscape)

Dawn McDonnal

Dave Swiecicki

Debra Glenn

Diamond Doug Keith (image, horse)

Diane Blakeley

Elena El

Elise Nadeau

Faye Hall

Gayle Halliwell

Gen Henderson

Glenna Evans Mulvihill

Gregg Burner

Greg Petzold

Holly Steele

Huguette Gauthier(glass-image)

Indra Skuja Grislis

Ingrid Lincoln

Irene Rowland

Jackie Turnbull

Jayne Nixon

Jennifer Johnson

Jennifer LaBella

Jill Booker (blurry image)

Jim Corbett

Jola Liebzeit

John Izzard

John Shopka

Jordan Miller

Jordan Van Sewell (ceramic sculpture image)

Judy Vielgut

Julia Dennis

June Derkson

Juanita Klassen

Justin Waterman

Kathleen Black

Kathleen Crosby (image bright landscape)

Kris Row

Kristina Kauss

Keith Wood

Larry Fielding

Leanne Baldwin

Leigh Konyk

Lee Beaton

Lilian Bonin

Lynda Gilchuk

Lou Valcourt

Lucie Madeleine Delisle

Mandy Giesbrecht (image-trees)

Manny Martins Karman

Maja Larson (image-sculpture photo)

Mary Ann Rudy

Maureen Babb

Melissa McIntyre

Michel Saint Hilaire (landscape with red line)

Michelle Hunter

Michael Joyal

Mike Astill (cre8ery ceramic mugs with LOGO!)

Nicholas Burns

Nikki Biffin

Norma Jones

Olivia Leader

Patricia Garrod

Paul Rayburn

Peter A. Heyman

Ray Gutnick (Unknown Artist)

Robert Sim

Rorie Boyce

Rosemary Miguez

Sarah Neville (image racoon)

Serena Wilson Stubson

Shareen Ramprashad

Sheldon Dawson (Mask)

Shirley Myren

Sonya Topaz Joyal

Steve Jorgenson

Susan Birdwise

Tim Dwornick

Robert Coulter

Russel Vokley

Verna Mogk

Vivien Broughton

Yvette Hawkes


A Special thank you to our Event Sponsors:

Donation/Raffle: Cre8ive Supplies & Services, Framing Your Art (gift certificate valued at $250!!) $5/1 ticket; $10/3tickets

Tara Davis Boutique (gift package), $5/1ticket; $10/3 tickets.

Nott Autocorp & Art Gallery (Print Sponsor)

Pratt’s Wholesale Food Service





Volunteers requests:

  • Donations of food prior to event
  • management of food table during event (Pat Best, Irene Rowland)
  • Selling 50-50 tickets (Angela Lillico) & Raffle tickets, help with membership (Verna & Rhonda Mogk) $5/1; $10/3
  • Sell and promote cre8ery memberships (Gen Henderson)
  • Sell Cre8ery mugs (Mike & Leanne Baldwin)
  • Organize musicians for when they go on: mics, etc. (Murray K, Cecil Anderson)
  • Explain bid sheets and event fundraising to guests, general help directing people, keeping place tidy-empties, garbage, washroom checks, etc (Dawn Mc, Laurie Cox, Lou Valcourt, Suzanne Hunter, James Sandberg, Jennifer Labella, Shirley Myren) 7-9:45pm.
  • Close bids at 9:45-11pm at the latest: /pack up artworks (Adilia Cunha, Rosemary Miguez, Darlene Drewniak, Yvette Hawkes, Sari Habiluk, Laurie Cox, Adrielle, Glenna Evans Mulvihill)
  • Bartenders (Leigh Konyk, + Sari Habiluk)
  • Sales co-ordinators for auxiliary gallery (Yvette Hawkes, Sari Habiluk & Jordan Miller)
  • Media support?
  • Distribution of marketing materials before event?