Spectrum by Sari Habiluk

Opening Reception: June 20, 7-10pm

Additional Hours: June 21 to July 2, 6pm

Tuesday to Friday, 12-6; Saturday 12-5pm

Artist Statement:

The sum of our experiences are what shape us, both the good and the bad, for the better and the worse. To regard a person as a single fragment of whom they are as a whole cheats them of their complete identity.

My art infuses a complex identity and personality into the canvas, with layers of different facets that coexist. Each piece speaks to common human experiences that can resonate within us all; whether it is through expressing a vulnerability, introspective exploration, facing conflicts, falling in love, learning life lessons, personal growth, accepting yourself, embracing your sexuality, or simply discovering who you are and what you want out of life.

In my art, each line has a purpose, similar to life experiences and how they shape us. Every detail has its place in the whole spectrum of who we are. Ever evolving, ever adapting, and always becoming more.

~The Spectrum of Sari Habiluk~Daughter, granddaughter, sister, cousin, niece, friend, confidant, woman, gay, girlfriend, lover, supervisor, cashier, artist, musician, songwriter, perfectionist, introverted, depressive, anxious, tidy, practical, humorous, witty, dorky, romantic, hardworking, thoughtful, generous, kind, compassionate… and will continue to evolve and become more.


Since becoming a member of cre8ery gallery & studio in 2013, Sari Habiluk has been honing her style in acrylics. In recent years, she has been edging her way into the commercial art world as an emerging artist under the mentorship of visual artist, Jordan Miller.

She has created various commissioned works and showed pieces out of a tattoo shop before its closure and relocation in 2014. Habiluk has assisted in the priming and background painting for local muralists, Mandy Van Leeuwen and Michel Saint-Hilaire; in the projects at Rainbow Stage in Kildonan Park and the Nellie McClung mural on Sargent Street.

Sari’s paintings have a unique style. Her work is vibrant and evokes a sense of whimsy that translates over multiple styles, from landscapes to the abstract. Though, intuitive abstract is where her passion and focus lie. The multiple layers of details and movement flow together, to create complex, and intricate emotive worlds, in the moment.

With nine group exhibitions and one solo under her belt, Sari continues to learn and experiment with new techniques, one of them being a comic strip. Her dark comedy comic Un-Supermarket has been published in two university papers, The Uniter and The Manitoban from 2015-2017.

Her body of work continues to grow and evolve as her style explores more intuitive and emotional subject matter.

Privately collected in Manitoba, Ontario, and the Yukon; Sari Habiluk lives and works in Winnipeg.