Song of Hope- Five Women Artists, Dedicated to the Memory of Jean Wiens
Opening Reception: September 13, 7-10pm
Additional Hours: September 14 to 25, tuesday to friday 12-6pm; saturday 12-5pm
Featuring: Anne Layman, Debbie Lawson, Jennifer Labella, Shirley Myren, Jean Wiens
“Why song?   “The role of our artists is to create the music of the universe, the music of the spheres”.

We all do different work but all of it falls into the theme of hope. As women artists, we hope that our artwork touches your heart and replenishes your soul”

Jean Wiens was a multi-media artist with a very deep interest in people and mental telepathy. Jean studied Fine Arts at the University of Manitoba and received several awards for her work. She exhibited art in Winnipeg since the 1980s with various Art Groups and Galleries such as: the Adelaide McDermot Gallery, cre8ery, The Wayne Arthur Gallery and City Park Conservatory. She has been in many Juried Shows including The Manitoba Society of Artists, the Red River Ex. and The Mennonite Heritage Gallery.  Jean was a member of cre8ery, the Manitoba Society of Artists and The Winnipeg Art gallery. The images she used her art are represented in a symbolic manner.  The people are imaginary. In the past few years she started creating collages from photos of gardens.  She was a great believer in the power of the human mind that has no limits.

Annemarie Layman is a Winnipeg artist who was an art teacher and has showcased her work in a number of juried exhibitions. She renders printmaking and collage with mixed media. Annemarie constantly enjoys exploring new media. Her subject matter ranges from representatioanl to abstract.

Debbie Lawson  is a self taught artist working in watercolour, acrylic, oil, graphite, charcoal, and pen and ink. Inspired by nature and her love of travel, her work is created as either an impression or a detailed image of the subject.  Creative challenges are approached through various mediums or a combination of mediums.  Debbie has participated in Group shows with Manitoba Society of Artists, Winnipeg Sketch Club, Medea Gallery, Artarama, and Emerging Artists.



 Jennifer Labella: Whimsical and dreamy are a couple of the words that have been used to describe my watercolor paintings. I appreciate when viewers describe to me what they feel rather than just what they see.





Shirley Myren: Painting is therapeutic and fulfilling once the work is completed. Shirley Myren’s inspiration comes from nature, colours, and interations with other artists. She works in a variety of Media.