Through & Through by Tameem Safi

February 3 to February 15:

Tuesday to Saturday, 11am – 5pm

No reception or First Friday

125 Adelaide street, 2nd floor, Winnipeg, 204-944-0809 /


At the age of eight, inspired and in love with the hills and mountains surrounding Kabul, Tameem picked up a brush to paint and bring them to his little bedroom. Later, Tameem honed his skills as a nature photographer to professional level. His love for nature, its photography, pulled him further down an artistic path to a passion for putting what he saw into bold and strong colors band movement with abstracts.

Tameem’s harsh life with a unique life experience gives him an equal unique prospect on life and he pulls on from his life and experience as different skills and disciplines to enhance his abstracts with a uniqueness, yet grounded in realism.

Consequently, with this exhibit, Tameem has used a lifetime of skills from varied disciplines and a worldly perspective to elevate his artistry.

“Why shouldn’t we create a work of art with loose hands that allows the paint to glide freely across the canvas, creating an abstract naturally as it swims and dances across and below,” says Tameem. “The mood of art is like a wind. It comes and goes. An artist must be prepared to catch it before it escapes Through and Through Multi-medium art. 

This collection has a string tied throughout; connecting them to me. With each piece, I found myself transformed and pulled into the scene so much so that I simply lifted the brush and let it guide me to reveal this journey.

Tameem safi