Opening Reception:
July 18, 7-10pm

Additional Hours
July 19 to July 30:

Tuesday to Friday, 12-6pm;
Saturdays, 12-5pm

“Phantasmagoria” is a sequence of works focusing on surreal and dreamlike imagery. Often the imagery appears collaged together, like anthropomorphized flowers or bats with teeth for a body. The work ranges from paintings that are highly colourful, utilizing fluorescent tones; to drawings that are monochromatic and have metallic accents. For this show, Ashley is drawing upon imagery that is similar in style to childhood storybook illustrations; to that which is commonly found in tattoos.

Ashley Perrier is a practicing artist and tattoo artist residing in Winnipeg. She graduated from the University of Manitoba with her Bachelor of Fine Art with Honours in 2008. She has had various art shows, both solo and group in various galleries in Winnipeg and Calgary.  She became a tattoo artist in 2010 and has worked in various tattoo studios in Winnipeg for the past 8 years. Her art work combines her knowledge and skill set she obtained from art school, with influences from the art world, and combines with the technical structure and imagery of the tattoo world.