Thai Yoga Massage Therapeutics allows us to create an inner horizon upon which the vision and breath can spread.

Just as the generative capacities for evolutionary shifts occur through the eternity of nature, so too the eternal transitional nature of human consciousness and embodiment carry visionary phases only accessible through the powerful internal practices of both active and passive yoga.

By the force we encounter with our hands and arms, legs and feet, elbows and knees….a sense of the deep tissue responses develop as we reach for openness through surface contact passing through the skin, veins, arteries, muscles and bones….this in turn refines our ability to recognize and release tensions and tightness merely by our attention.

Reach Within for the Deeper Expression of your Potentials Sequence built from attention builds the immortality of this ancient healing art’s influence into your life.  Asana is our path toward inner realizations.

Return to the seat of your edge and you return to the depth of your connection to the world.

With eons of research by advanced yoga practitioners it makes sense that the Thai Yoga Massage Therapeutic approach is able to reach into complex energetic tissue restrictions beyond the
grasp of modern clinical procedures and concepts. Injuries of all types are only able to heal with the flow of increased circulation. If damage to key areas are allowed to go unrecognized then it is only natural that a sequence of physical weakness and mentally straining confusion about the nature of our life will remain unchallenged.

Freedom of insight and creativity stem from relinquishing the barriers to a higher vision of reality.  Thai therapeutic practice activates the refined responses in our body integrating an array of strengths just beneath our awareness. Basic physical tension and severe afflictions are alleviated through a dance of full body compression and releases enabling deep internal body stimulation and healthy communication between tissue systems.

As we continue reacting to the chronic stresses of impaired functions we will gradually carry more and more weakness and fatigue to the point of losing vital physical functions. Steady yoga practice challenges crippling afflictions which limit our expression of inner potentials. Through the sequential flow of muscular and skeletal actions in a Thai therapeutic session a sensation of ease and openness begins to create a lasting realization of the intelligence and power that lays hidden in the body once we achieve freedom from unnecessary and unquestioned ways
of life.

Without regular contact of this kind, subtle scarring and adhesion will hold us in a constant state of fatigue and pain. As we age, we become settled into a certain range of motion, and so without energizing the muscular systems and the circulatory system a definite progression of debilitating health conditions inevitably are ingrained in our bodies. Over the years this takes the course of several dominant patterns which are actually reversible at any age.

The clarity of vivid impulses of the body and the mind settle into our wakefulness. And so through altered postures we return to envision a renewed perception of the canvas that is our life and our world, we merely breathe the natural sublime feeling of aesthetics into our lives.