Exhibition will be in January 2023, Exact dates to be confirmed after June 30th’s submission deadline. To submit to this exhibition please fill out the form and email in an image no later than June 30th to jordan@cre8ery.com

The more submissions we have, the longer the show will be up!


Featuring these artists so far:

Amy Dubois

Angela Taylor

Ashley Segal

Bonnie Hallman

Brian Longfield

Carrie Paulicicelli

David Colvin

Dodie Mitchell

Drew Perry

Elizabeth Macrae

Faye Hall

Gary Potter

Gwen Gill

Heather Boyd

Heather Gillespie

Jackie Turnbull

Janis Nickel

Jennifer Labella

Joanne Berger

Jordan Miller

Kim Sysa

Kristina Zabawa Ryan

Liz Leones

Lydia Bartel

Maja Larson

Marlene Roy

Norma Jones

Reid Boultbee

Ruth Kamenev

Sandra Proulx

Sarah Collard

Sheri Turner