Quirky Clay: Life’s Little Pleasures and Life’s Little Pressures:

September 16 to September 28, 2021

Tuesday to Friday, 12-6pm; Saturday, 12-6pm

125 Adelaide Street -2nd floor, Winnipeg, MB


jordan@cre8ery.com for after-hour appointments, images.

Masks mandatory.

I look at life and the experiences that I have had and concentrate on the humourous side of things. Both my paintings and ceramics expose my bold palate and hopefully make the viewer see what I see, Life’s little pressures and pleasures.


Kris Row was born and raised in eastern Ontario, in a town in the Ottawa valley called Smiths Falls. After high school he attended Queens University BA, then the University of Toronto DDS, then the University of Manitoba, MSc and specialty in orthodontics and finally Norwich University for a MA in military history.

His paintings and ceramics are figurative and narrative, each containing a story about his life. He has exhibited in numerous art shows including the Centennial Concert Hall, Manitoba Art Expo, in Winnipeg, Fort Lauderdale Art Centre and in Beijing China.