Jeff joins cre8ery as a studio resident artist on December 1, 2018

Jeff Gobeil is a carpenter, amateur writer, and amateur YouTuber. The YouTube non-sense started in 2006 when Jeff discovered his camera he owned could record 30 second videos, at 10 frames a second. He then quickly mastered the Windows Movie Maker computer program and began uploading to YouTube. During 2007 Jeff lost his house to a fire, which birthed his love for both, song-writing and carpentry. The song writing came from playing the guitar and being unable to sing and play at the same time, while the carpentry became when Jeff”s father gave him his first job as a labour in the summer of 2007.

Jeff Gobeil is a graduate of St. Boniface Diocesan High School in 2009, Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology in 2010, and Red River College’s carpenters apprenticeship program in 2019. Jeff’s edumacation knows know bounds.

Jeff Gobeil, under his rapper alter-ego No Name Native, received an honorary mention for his entry in 2015’s D. Respects Christmas Rap Contest.

Jeffery Robert Ginew Gobeil is working on an acoustic album, with his band HAW, in hopes of preform live shows locally and sharing his love of music. Jeff also has a book of poetry in the works, that will feature both, full heart-felt works, and b-side abandoned song lyrics. Jeff Gobeil lives in Winnipeg, Canada.