Jean Wiens Retrospective

August 5 to August 17, 2021

Hours: Tuesday to Friday, 12-6pm; Saturdays 12-5pm

Location: 125 Adelaide Street, 2nd floor, Winnipeg’s Exchange District

Contact: 204-944-0809

Jean Wiens was interested in people and their behavior as well as nature and our environment. She never realized how much she was influenced by others and their life’s experiences; however, it became evident in her art. She tried to create real and sometimes unreal worlds which she hoped would represent people from different walks of life and ages to build an understanding and an appreciation of and for.  Much of her work deals with women’s issues – being a proud and strong woman. We live in a different time now sometimes joyous, sometimes difficult, and sometimes tragic.

Certain events created memories that surfaced from the sub-concious mind. The images she depicted were her actual life experiences from someone else’s life experiences. She represented people in a symbolic matter not using actual portraits as she wanted to respect others and their privacy.

Jean was also fascinated by the beauty and mystery of nature. The natural forms in landscape, the wonderful colours, textures and shapes were all of interest to Jean. Flowers were especially mysterious and beautiful. It was a miracle of birth to see blooms open and show their richness of colour and texture. Gardening was one of her favourite hobbies.

Jean Wiens, a Winnipeg artist lived and worked from her River Heights home where she raised her family. She was born in 1937 in Cloverdale, Mb and passed away in 2018 in Winnipeg. Her family misses her each day and she is missed in the arts community as well.