Inclusivity: Celebrating Diversity by Mohan Tenuwara

Reception: November 3, 7-10pm

Gallery Hours: Tue, Wed, Thu & Fri 12-6pm; Sat 12-5pm, exhibition closes November 14, 6pm

Exhibition Statement:

Differences are not feared in the forest. Instead, they are accepted, embraced, and loved. Large or small, dependent or independent, long or short, fair or dark, each and every living element in the forest complements its biodiversity, richness, and sustainability. This is a truth evident by many who explore nature, including the landscape artist.

Artists give us pause and cleanse a window of habitual looking or myopic seeing. The secret is that different elements of the forest grow with respect to each other’s differences, working together to become stronger for survival. Nature has chosen not to see daily obstacles as insurmountable, but as opportunities for new solutions to diversify. As artists, it is this diversity around us that we appreciate, celebrate, represent, and share through our work. Each unique landscape in its coherent composition reminds us that not everyone has to be the same.

Being open to this difficult ideal and aspiring to it are the first steps toward moving in that direction. With this exhibition, the artist attempts to highlight the parallel nature between the forest and human society – how its composition and balance can impact its sustainability, evolution, and longevity. Each subject chosen for the exhibition has its own story, telling us how and why inclusivity matters.


Multifaceted with an affinity for creativity, Mohan is an artist, musician and architect. Born and raised in southern Sri Lanka, he moved to Canada with his family in 2005. He began painting as a teenager and had his first exhibition in 1985. Mohan’s freehand ink renderings have appeared in several publications. He now spends most of his time painting in acrylic. Capturing light and texture in the prairie landscape has been a constant theme throughout his work. As a painter, he sees his role as part storyteller. By supplying a setting and adding characters, he hopes that viewers will use their own experiences to create the story.