Impromptu, Chris Chuckry,

Opening Reception: September 6, 7-10pm

Additional Hours: September 7 to 17th, 

Tuesday to Friday, 12-6pm; Saturday, 12-5pm


Christopher Chuckry is an artist and visual storyteller, best known for colouring comic books. Growing up in fairly isolated rural surroundings allowed plenty of room for dreams and imagination. Generally quiet, often reserved,  creating pictures and telling stories is a way he shares his inner life and interests.

Artist Statement

Impromptu departures represent a visual quest to find meaning in confusion. An unplanned exploration to discover something new, or perhaps, something unexpectedly familiar. Conceived as an antidote to increasingly boring academic study, these works draw on the practice of surrealist automatism,* as a departure point to a surprise destination. Not every journey is successful, and some are best forgotten. However, sometimes an image or an emotion can be pulled from the subconscious. In some ways, these images reflect the emotional undercurrents of my subconscious during the periods they were created. They are personal works that hopefully tap into a vein of shared experience and emotion.