When I am given four weeks to prepare an exhibition, the results may end up “HaphazART”.

I was surprised by how many submissions the gallery’s new and current members submitted on a week’s notice. I had no trouble selecting a great cross section of artistic styles and visions, including both realistic and abstract landscapes, functional and non functional sculpture, figurative works, illustrations and purely abstract works.

Several themes revealed themselves: using art as healing, the artist’s own freedom of expression, and working past technical boundaries through experimentation with mediums. Many of the works are inspired by nature and the surrounding world. Motifs in this exhibition range from the wide open prairie, to our city, cracks in the sidewalk, northern lights, sailboats, forests, all the way to dream imagery and abstracts filled with emotional balance.

Through self-reflection, the celebration of life, and the joy of creation, these works fit together in the most “HaphazART” (haphazard) way.

Opening Reception: Thursday, June 7, 7-10pm

Additional Hours June 8 to June 19: Tuesday to Friday, 12-6pm; Saturday, 12-5pm

Anna Araoz, Photography, Winnipeg

Barbara Ellyn, Paintings, Winnipeg

Brenda Martin, Paintings, Elm Creek

Carl Brownell, Photography, Winnipeg

Catherine Emile, Paintings, Winnipeg

Courtney Lynn, Paintings, Winnipeg

Dan Hawksworth, Illustrations, Winnipeg

Daniel M. Camp, Paintings, California

Faye Hall, Paintings/Mixed Media, Winnipeg

Francine Martin, Mixed Media, Winnipeg

Heather Craig, Illustrations, Winnipeg

Heather Gillespie, Paintings, Winnipeg

Jackie Turnbull, Paintings, Winnipeg

John Izzard, Paintings, Winnipeg

Jola Liebzeit, Paintings, Winnipeg

Jill Booker, Photography, Winnipeg

Julia Dennis, Illustrations, Winnipeg

Kathleen Shellrude, Paintings, Winnipeg

Kristina Kauss, Paintings, Winnipeg

Lisa Ayow, Mixed Media, Winnipeg

Lou Valcourt, Mixed Media, Winnipeg

Marlene Roy, Paintings, Winnipeg

Michael Joyal, Paintings, Winnipeg

Manny Schulz, Paintings, Winnipeg

Olivia Leader, Paintings, Portage la Prairie

Patricia Best, Drawings + Paintings, Winnipeg

Patricia Garrod, Photography, Winnipeg

Paul Sparling, Photography, Winnipeg

Rachelle Diddens, Paintings, Winnipeg

Sandra Dalton, Paintings

Sheldon Dawson, Painting, Winnipeg

Steve Robinson, Raku/sculpture, Winnipeg