Forest Girl, Space Boy & Baby Evio

Exhibition opens June 9, 11am to June 21, 5pm, 2022:

Tuesday to Saturday, 11am to 5pm, Masks Mandatory.

125 Adelaide Street, 2nd floor


Meet the Artist times: Saturday, June 11 & June 18, 1pm to 5pm.




Forest Girl 1, 9″ by 12″, Acrylic & collage on Canvas

Forest Girl, Candace Ross

Candace Ross is a self-taught, BIPOC freelance photographer and a thought-provoking painter. While Studying Clothing and Textiles at the U of M, she took a basic design course and realized that she wanted to explore other areas of art and design, in all its forms. With over 20 years of independent filmmaking experience in a wide range of skills from set painting, camera production to costuming, she has recently devoted herself to the creation of paintings that traverse intimate space and esoteric dreamscapes.


Exhibition Statement
My works are about finding a connection or place in the universe where you find yourself at complete peace. Growing up in rural Manitoba, and living in an urban environment I found that I missed that peacefulness of being surrounded by nature. Finding solace in painting, I create imaginary forests and environments that focus on that feeling. The enveloping connection of being in a verdant forest or gardens was and is still something I seek, through the use of Acrylic paints, collage, pens, and photo transfers.




Airtight, 10″ by 8″, Photo Collage on Wood panel

Space Boy, Murray Toews

Murray’s creative work spans the disciplines and media of drawing, print, film, audio-art, interactivity and digital/analog hand-drawn animation. He received a BFA first-class honours degree with a thesis in advanced drawing from the U of M. He is an independent producer at Urbanstickman where they create productions of animation and indie-driven short films. He also has a day job at RRC Polytech, creating engaging educational media for instructors and students.








The Industry Song, 10″ by 8″, Photo Collage on Wood panel

Exhibition statement
Space Boy returns to Earth after years of exploring a vast cosmos of media. My current art practice is the creation of images in the form of photo collages, drawings and paintings that respond to the fragmentary landscape and short attention spans of the digital online world. With the ongoing pandemic over the past two years, I’ve had to work from home and live within interior spaces, as a traveller in space might do, isolated from nature and other humans, especially during the long winter months on Earth (or on the moon). Rather than dwell on the negative aspects of this long-drawn-out experience, I’ve embraced it, and have incorporated the strange, fractured nuances of reality presented by online digital imagery.

Space Boy is, therefore, a “mixmaster” of themes in different mediums and styles- derived from obscure vintage clothing catalogues to fleeting glimpses of half-formed places and faces that generate unique visual artwork.






(Eve Rice)



Multidisciplinary artist Eve Rice (Baby Evio for this show) began painting in 2015. Her adoration of kitsch album art, hits and misses in the music industry, space age imaging, non sexy is sexy themes and lines are all important parts of her 2D world.

Current painting works combine acrylics and colour blending techniques with simple lines and curves which detach reality and represent random still life situations that are overtly nude, sometimes funny, relaxed and firsts for the artist.