Everything has Changed, June 23 to July 5:

University of Manitoba School of Art graduates, former classmates, reunite after more than 10 years and share their recent work.

Indra Skuja Grislis, Susan Birdwise, Agnes Neufeld, Shosh Shalev Minuk,

Tuesday to Saturday: 11am to 5pm

Meet the Artists Dates & Times: TBA.

Masks are currently mandatory at the gallery at the time of creating this listing…please check back here for updates before visiting the gallery.

Indra Skuja Grislis, “Women dreaming transforming into a dragonfly” 36×36 inches. 2022

Indra Skuja-Grislis, originally from Latvia, graduated BFA Honors in 2008 with triple majors in painting, drawing and photography. Indra works in various mediums, especially likes painting portraits and photography.










Susan Birdwise, Waiting for the Selkirk Bus, Encaustic on cradled wood panel with Maple Frame, 18 x18



Susan Birdwise lives in West St. Paul, a rural community just north of the city of Winnipeg. She works in a variety of media and have maintained a studio in the Winnipeg Exchange District for many years, currently at cre8ery gallery & studio








Agnes Neufeld photographed the prairie landscape in autumn, when the life cycles come to an end, when she lost a parent.  Nature was a place of comfort for her.  She printed the images in black and white and then coloured them with oil paint in colours that reflected her emotions at that time.  The project caused her to reflect on personal history, as a child living in subtropical landscapres of Paraguay to research and experiment with themes by drawing with ink or multi-media.


Shosh Shalev Minuk, Grateful Into the Light, 9″ x 12″.

Shosh Shalev Minuk: works mainly in acrylics, adding various mediums for texture. “I love how the paint, water, and textural elements combine to create interesting patters and colours, imbuing the work with a life of it’s own.” Her subject matter ranges from abstract expressionism to figurative work to contemporary abstracts. “I like to think that my art is my a reflection of my love for colour, shape and texture and of my sense of the world around me.”