Dan Hawksworthis a mixed media artist who uses paintings and drawings to explore his imagination and provide an outlet for a lifelong daydreamer. He uses art to bring alive his sense of wonder about the Universe, worlds inspired from popular culture and the shapes and patterns from dreams.

Coming from an informal artistic background he works on stylized pieces that still try to blend a love of the fantastic with his sense of order and symmetry. Fascinated by the way fluids interact, metallic hues, the vivid colours of gemstones and organic curves they are common elements of his drawings and paintings.

His stylistic inspirations come from around the world and across eras ranging from the symbols and patterns of ancient civilizations, the lines of Feudal Japanese calligraphers, modern Native Canadian art, art deco and comic books.


Dan was lives and works in Winnipeg and rediscovered something he had lost when he began to express himself artistically. Primarily self-taught he has taken several workshops through cre8ery since joining in October 2013 to expand his skill set and continue to refine is his artistic voice. Moving into studio space at cre8ery in October 2014 representing an opportunity to share his artistic perspective and to join and learn from a larger community of artists.

For inquiries or to arrange a studio visit please email Dan at danhawkartistic@gmail.com To keep up to date with Dan’s latest works visit and please “like” Dan Hawksworth’s Art Depot on Facebook or visit his DeviantArtpage.