Curiosities – Candice Ring, Kelli Rey Exhibition

Opening Reception: Nov 23, 7-10pm

Additional Hours:

November 24 to Dec 4:

Tuesday to Friday, 12-6pm; Saturday 12-5pm

Exhibition Statement

The word Curiosity encompasses many different definitions; A strong desire to know or learn something. A strange or unusual object or fact. An object or idea that arouses interest.

Artists Kelli Rey and Candice Ring explore the theme of Curiosities in a series of colourful and playful scenes that feature collections of work in clay. They each offer a contemporary perspective on the traditional vessel by drawing from nature and the imagined. Their own curiosities involve very close looking, but also intricate making and elements of surprise. Ideas and explorations that contemplate history and culture, past and present are explored through ceramics. Curiosities will feature works that are both collaborative as well as independent.


Kelli and Candice became fast friends while pursuing their undergraduate degrees in Ceramics at the University of Manitoba. While their creative pursuits often take them in different directions, they both have a mutual appreciation for one and others artistic practice, technically and conceptually.

Kelli Rey is an artist, graphic designer, and teacher who lives and works in Winnipeg, Manitoba. In her studio practice, she works predominantly in the medium of ceramics and likes to approach work like a scientific experimenta process undertaken to make a discovery. She adores uniqueness and the idea of making the familiar strange. Drawing on references from early to mid 20th century art movements and industrial design and incorporating aspects that surprise, puzzle, or entertain is what she likes to do. Kellis work has been exhibited in Canada and the US. She holds a BFA Honours and a BEd from the University of Manitoba, and a diploma in Graphic Design from Red River College.

Candice Ring is a ceramist who works from her home studio in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She has always gravitated toward making utilitarian objects because of their familiarity and tactility. Her interest in the vessel early on in her formal training, continues to propel her to create pieces in an attempt to connect with others both visually and through use. She is inspired by her sense of nostalgia for home, coupled with an interest in history and decoration and uses them as building blocks for her creative process. She has made, exhibited, and taught throughout North America, Australia, and China. She has a BFA in Ceramics from The University of Manitoba and an MFA in Studio Art from Arizona State University.