Connextions by Gary Potter

Gallery Hours: December 9 to 21:

Tuesday to Friday, 12-6pm; Saturday 12-5pm

125 Adelaide Street, 2nd floor, 204-944-0809,

This show began as I made connextions between the textures, colours and the corporeal world which surrounded around me.  It expanded to the surreal and the imaginary.  The result is a compilation of acrylic and other mixed media works which trigger the imagination. The interaction between the colours, textures and human emotion are thought-provoking. The desire to touch the works is tangible and provokes myriad connextions between the real and the surreal. The only constraint now is your imagination.

Gary Potter is an eccentric freestyle abstract artist from Winnipeg.  He is continually searching for creative ways to express his ideas on canvas, glass and other media. There is no substance that is safe from his creative mind!


He uses a wide range of media and techniques to achieve unusual and beautiful effects. What is true of every piece is that creativity, ingenuity, imagination and emotion are evident in all his work. He allows colour and ideas to freely guide him.