All of me by Nikki Biffin,

Opening Reception: Thursday, August 2, 7-10pm

First Friday: Friday, August 3, 12-9pm

Additional Hours, August 4 to August 19: 

Tuesday to Friday, 12-6pm

Saturday, 12-5pm

It’s a journey, no one is ahead of you or behind you. You are not more advanced or less enlightened. You are exactly where you need to be. It’s not a contest, it’s Life. We are all teachers and we are all students – unknown

Artist statement:

The paintings in “all of me” are the result of embarking on an adventure to learn new things and discover what life is about when your kids are grown, and you’ve outgrown your 9-5 life. Discovering joy in painting, enjoying the process, finding freedom and getting lost in time, in the moment and just having fun! Discovering a creative life where there is no right or wrong, no on or off, and it is just being, is not that vastly different from the life of a computer scientist. Technology includes the use of materials, tools, techniques and sources of power to make life easier or more pleasant and work more productive. Art is born by the same items and the sources of power from within to pursue creative expressions which I hope will evoke an emotional response, a smile, a feeling, and create an illusion.


“all of me” is a collection of work on paper, canvas and wood completed over the last 2 years, intuitive in nature and with a range from bold and explosive abstracts to subtle and flowy ink pieces. I create square canvases exploding in colour and texture and round discs with layers of transparent colour, with barely there marks, with touches of shimmer and a little fairy dust of glitter for good luck. I paint for a sense of self, to make the ordinary

extraordinary and to find magic in every day life.

The only impossible journey is the one you never begin – Tony Robbins

Nikki Biffin is a self-taught mixed media artist residing in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. After being educated as a Computer Scientist and working in the technology field for more than 20 years Nikki finds the freedom of approaching each new piece of art without a structured plan very liberating. Beginning each piece without an expected outcome she creates using bold colours, rich markings, deep textures and fluid movements. Each creation is like a science experiment and whether she uses paints, inks, pencils or crayons she is thrilled to watch her canvases transform and come to life. Channeling her emotions to the work she is completing and trusting that a creative life is the life she is meant to be living she approaches each day with simple goals – create, explore, learn and have fun.

I create colourful art because life shouldn’t always be black and white – Nikki Biffin