Abstractivity by Meagan Brown

Opening Reception: June 2, 7-10pm

Hours to June 13, 6pm: Tuesday-Friday, 12-6pm; Saturday, 12-5pm

Every person has a lot of facets of themselves, that statement I think is expo exponentially true for artists. Abstractivity is a look at the blurred perception of the world and of myself, through my art and through my bipolar disorder. I’ve always found it difficult to really focus myself to one stream when my strengths have always lay in not following the prescribed path. This show allowed me to really to follow my natural instincts and let the work guide me to what a piece wanted to be.

I wanted to explore all of those facets of myself with this show. Different subject matters, different techniques and different states of mind are all in these pieces and in all of them a different piece of myself. I found my patriotism in a giant moose and my creativity in a bunch of colourful circles, and of course my love of colour in almost every piece.

Meagan Brown is a prominent, young, Winnipeg artist who has specialized in abstract art and jewelry design. Although primarily self taught, Meagan has participated in the Arts and Culture Industries of Manitoba mentorship program where she studied under local artist Jordan Miller.  She also completed a term at Artbeat studio as a start to her artistic career. Since Artbeat, Meagan has had three solo art exhibitions and a group show with fellow Artbeat alumnus Tara Davis. Her artistic career also includes teaching after school programs for Seven Oaks School Division and doing workshops for various groups including the Artbeat Studio alumni.

Meagan has also developed a popular and successful jewelry business and has sold her unique designs across the country and all around the world. She credits her success in the arts community to her unique use of colour and texture, the interesting mediums she chooses for her jewellery, her interest in fashion and her overwhelmingly positive start with Artbeat Studio.

Diagnosed young, Meagan struggled for many years with managing her mental health. Since beginning her career in art and design Meagan has had no major relapses with her bipolar disorder and credits much of this to the day to day satisfaction and joy she finds in her work and being able to share it with others.

In the past few years, Meagan has enjoyed amazing opportunities to expand her market including shows in Japan and a celebrity gifting event in Los Angeles during the oscars. Primarily she’s spent most of her time at various comic conventions and exploring geek culture.